An un-understandable situation in Life


I do not know what day it is truly, Lost as always, in a state of transition, missing the facts what I always opted for, feeling the somethings, the little things, yet speechless, want to know so much, but im Left breathless, today for the first time I felt it, so close, do not know, it I can calll it birth or death.

Yes it did touch me, I felt its breath, so close, prevailing facts creeping all over me, Cannot analyze some times, some facts are just covered as fiction, while some fiction become religion. We believe what we see, yet what we see is often forgottten, I am yet unsure of who I am, I am unsure of what this all, is, an academic life, remains an un-civilized societey as always, something will never be learnt, knowledge is always, and always has been subdued, truth prevails yet we fail to percieve, why have we become a part of such a sicetey which we do not have a control of.Of which we have to obey to.

I believe we have to learn truly how to live, we really need to Understand life in a much humanistic way and have a more human way to approach towards things… thats what I feel..


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