My Prophecies

My Prophecies,

It is totally your choice to believe in my theories, these are fundamental facts what I feel one should believe in, if not then you can carry on living your own way. I now will lay down a few facts and figures which you should have a judgmental call upon and see if it fits in your neural network of theory and psychological belief system.

1) Food is essential, never skip eating food, even if you feel sick, eat a bit.

2) Drink as much water as you can, at least 4-5 glasses a day, its good for you.

3) Try walking as much as you can, if you can reach a destination like in 10-20 minutes by foot , do that rather than removing your car and driving it up.

4) Listen to a four year old and a five year old very closely , they are one of the smartest people to talk to.

5) Never disagree with an angry man/woman, smile and offer him/her a pizza.

6) If you feel bored in a lecture or a seminar, drink water, wash your face and give it a try, it usually works, if it doesn’t then simply just day dream .

7) While shopping don’t waste time trying the same stuff three to four times just to see if it looks good or not, if you like it, buy it..simple.

8) “A bird in hand is worth more than two in a bush” tht’s true, never compromise by saying you don’t want to do something new today as you can try it tomorrow, make the most of this life.Tomorrow is unpredictable today is what you’ve got.

9) Aliens Exist and so do Spirits, it’s a fact proven by metaphysicians.

10) Everybody should once eat “samosa” from tewari brothers, they are the best

11) Religion should not be followed blindly, God exists but the customs traditions and rituals were built by man. You are free to question and demand answers, you wont be sinnd

12) Debating about religion is a waste of time, because nobody is a winner..

13) Try sleeping minimum for 5 hours or more, its not good to sleep less.

14) If you are a non vegetarian, keep one week just for eating vegetarian food ad avoid fried potatoes.

15) If you are smiling while you are sitting alone, that means you arnt mad, you are just a happy person.

16) Laugh and make others laugh

17) Its essential to laugh at oneself, nobody is perfect.

18) Dance, even if you look foolish , just dance for a bit, see how refreshed you feel.

19) Drinking Alcohol is not good, but if you do drink by any chance try quitting, if you cant quit, drink wisely, anyways its your choice afterall.

20) The above rule applies for smoking a cigarette as well.

21) Eat junk food once a month , it essential for your body to be immune to every kind of food.

22) Don’t diet too much, eat good food and exercise , as there is wonderful food out there which you got to try before you die.

23) Time flies….admit it..

24) Life is short, but we can live it wisely by making it large…

25) At least once in your life try Scuba Diving, Sky Diving, Parasailing, and all weird sports which you would fear to try.

26) No matter how interested a speech might be, normal human will concentrate for maximum 45 minutes, then needs a break.

27) Marriage is not compulsory ,but having someone to spend time with is a human need.

28) Being Bisexual or Homosexual is totally your choice, no one is stopping you,don’t even listen to religious folks.. good luck!

29) Having a girlfriend or a Boyfriend, is a waste of time , resources, money, imagination, space, and a lot more.

30) Two people of the opposite sex cannot be friends for a long time..

31) Its essential to travel and see new places.

32) Everyday make it a point to read wikipedia’s one article, its amazing to know how much we don’t know.

33) Nobody is perfect,we all are just in a learning state and will always be.

34) Death is not the end of life, it’s a birth to another life.

35) Music is essential to the soul, listen to music at least once a day.

36) Sing along a song…

37) Avoid lying, you will feel surprised how one feels if he/she says the trusth most of the times.

38) Never regret for what you did in the past, learn from it and work on how to improve your future.

39) When you loose your temper at someone, tell him/her sorry and appologize as soon as you cool down.

40) Try keeping a plant in your room or in your house, its nice.

41) Birthdays are just another day of your life, don’t prioritize it so much that you feel sad of not doing enough.

42) Don’t bother pretending to be someone , you are wonderful the way you are. Just be yourself.

43) Love before 23-25 is what I call, pure foolishness, and insanity.

44) Miracles happen but most of them are just coincidences and sheer basically they don’t.

45) If you havn’t been to India, do visit , it’s a place you would like to see at least once in your life.

46) Test drive the most expensive car that you can afford.

47) If you fail to achieve a certain goal in life, try again.

48) Don’t stress a lot , be relaxed, stress reduces most of your capacity of doing work.

49) Fate is for you to decide

50) Destiny for you to create

51) Hoping for something Called hope is Hopeless

52) Life is a Gamble, taking chances should be your first priority

53) It is easier to go shopping alone than with a female, it will take you twice less the time or even more to shop and make decisions quicker.

54) Men take less time to have a bath, dress up and leave for a destination

55) Women just take double the time in the bath, twice more to dress up and then will sit down choose their shoes and then leave .

56) Eating Chocolate once a day is good.

57) Playing a sport is good for you, its even better than a gym.

58) Never eat too hot food, its not good for you,

59) Don’t talk long on cellphones, if the conversation is that long and important, meet up, if the distance is too long and you cant meet then cut short and speak later.

60) Phones were invented to bring people closer , ironically today even if two people live next door, they yet call instead of meeting them.

61) Ironically we are living in a fake world within a fictious society of multiple personality disorder. Its a Fake real world

62) “Made in China” is a very common term, just like the word “coke”

63) An Indian will bargain even in a pound store

64) Skype is one of the best Voip softwares ever invented

65) Facebook is useful , addictive , a boon and a curse to society

66) One should not just say something and not mean it.

67) Clothes does not determine your personality, your intelligence and attitude does.

68) Shoes should be worn for the comfort of your feet and not just for looking good.

69) Hypocrites once realized who he/she is should be avoided completely.

70) It doesn’t take time for a kid to change from cute to annoying

71) Babies always cry while they travel

72) Cartoons are the best thing to be watched, no matter how old you are, its refreshing.

73) One can find the most weirdest things being sold on ebay

74) Friends are a very essential part of life, having many friends is not worthy if not even one can reach out for help.

75) Having more than three true friends is impossible

76) If you are not feeling comfortable with someone just tell him on his face to improve, if he/she doesn’t then , move on.

77) Favoritism often leads to misjudgments and miscalculation as well.

78) Restriction leads to rebellion

79) There is surely a thing as a free meal, its just how you take it.

80) Heaven and Hell exist right here on Planet Earth , Heaven : the wonderful places unseen by our eyes, Hell:the insanity existing for the greed of power and money.

81) The velocity of an expensive car even at rest reduces the velocity of a moving car tremendously bringing it to a standstill and at times even resulting in death.

82) Santa claus exists , he is the president of united states.

83) Opposites don’t usually attract

84) If you know more than someone else, share yourself with them, don’t laugh at them.

85) Iceland Pizza can cure cold ( No Jokes , it works)

86) A man/woman riding on a fast bike grabs more attention than a Ferrari.

87) A woman just needs a reason to cry

88) A child will do anything to avoid doing his homework.

89) Macintosh based computers are better to use than Windows.

90) Higher the Risks, Higher the returns

91) A phase of emotions pass, but don’t let that phase get onto you.

92) Humans are the most unpredictable species on this planet and maybe in the whole universe.

93) We just like to stay in the comfort zone, believe things what make sus happy just because we don’t have the strength to accept the facts.

94) Its an irony the worlds biggest scientists are Religious.

95) No matter how little or how much you earn, even a little hand of help helps.

96) Traveling by road is more exciting than by air.

97) One will always feel the need of doing things what he hasn’t and still won’t have enough time, its alright, just make small attempts..

98) Its not too complicated to have complications in life which are uncomplicated

99) There are two kinds of problems in this world 1) which cannot be solved so why bother & 2) which can be solved, so still why bother…

100) Another person’s problems always seem easy to understand than your own.

101) One should go out on a vacation at least once a year

102) It gets too boring to hear the same old things over and over again.

103) All the problem in this world cant be solved, its easy to talk but it gets difficult to put it into practice.

104) Watching soaps on Television is a waste of time.

105) It is not difficult to be happy

106) Don’t live life by saving the best for the last make sure you try the best things what you can….

I have so much more to write but I stop here and leave for you to add more if you feel something is missed. Remember “the only thing that is constant in this whole world is Change”

Thank You,

Mustafah Mun


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