A Brief History

Our greatest challenge is neither financial, nor moral. There is no scarcity of resources, or intelligence, or technology, but on the contrary we have way too much of all of it, and it’s a huge problem.

This statement may contradict some of your views, and if it doesn’t make sense to you, allow me to briefly share with you my view of the world. I hope you will enjoy it, as it is very close to my heart.

A Brief History of the Universe

1. The Beginning

In the beginning there was Maths: simple sets of numbers adding up to simple equations and formulas. Some became fixed, others variables. The outcomes were easy and predictable. However, when the volume of numbers was expanded, new patterns started to emerge…Fragmented bits started to organize themselves into something more complex: particles, elements, molecules, stars – the Universe was born.

2. Nature

Some particles started to behave autonomously – they replicated, made choices, adapted – it was like they had intelligence of their own. This intuitive system became known as Nature, and its inhabitants – species.

3. Human-Beasts

The emergence of this species came first unnoticed. It possessed more intelligence and it seemed it would quickly adapt to its environment. However, it refused to do so. In fact, it started to adapt the environment to its own needs.
Their design was most remarkable. Their fears and passion, their believes and unconquerable spirit earned them distinction. They created laws and rules, wrote poetry, invented technologies and prayed to God. In a short time their development exploded.

4. The Great Crisis

The explosive development in humans’ knowledge, ideas and technology had a double effect. On one hand, it brought significant improvements in living conditions of many, reduced the uncertainties of life, and brought the benefits of law and order.
On the other hand, the stability of life and reliance on technology and society to resolve all problems has made us more docile and complicit. The natural spirit of alertness, community and action are replaced by arrogance, self-concern and inertia.

Truth is:

War, terrorism, financial speculations are not the cause of evil, but merely the result. The greatest crime is committed by people coming from work to their couches and watching TV, too tired to care about anyone or anything else. It is a crime against oneself, it is a homicide of soul. Our nature given intuition is being silenced, it is dying and with it dies our ability to connect and understand other people, the Nature and God.

A passive life is just a life in waiting of trouble, but a passive society is a world in waiting of a Catastrophe.


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