Bittersweet symphony of an Enigmatic Life

Long is the person’s life. Close to impossible it is to track all the paths that lead individuals to where they stand and what they are. However, if only one tries and think of one single aspect of that life, depict one thought, a single word, oh then how much can one be able to express himself in one sort paragraph.

One can imagine that some people are born unfree, and free they want to become. To rid of their invisible chains they fight, they shout, break all the boundaries and leap from high places, if only to feel what it means to think for oneself and not being told what to do. Other people are born free, and all their life other try to chain them into submission. But however much they are forced to do others bidding, that bitter sweet taste of freedom can never be erased, forever making them into an enigma, something to be avoided, and something of an outcast.


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