Relationships: Social and Personal elements

Every relationship is a delicate balance of social and personal elements.

1. Personal Elements

Personal Elements, like underbelly, are direct connections between two characters. It is embedded in the shared emotions, interests, views, likes and dislikes of the individuals. Together they form a tacit understanding of how the other person makes you feel.

Expression: these are very much based on the feeling and past experiences – they are meant for that special person and are difficult for the outsiders to understand. A good example would be personalised gifts that have deep internal meaning, like cards with personal messages, photographs, or pictures, anything that has a special meaning for the other person.

2. Social Elements

Social Elements are more like outer shell – things that are intended to reinforce or justify relationships through drawing attention. They do that by convincing everyone about the supposed care and love shared by the individuals.

Expression: anything that can be easily identified by anyone as show of affection – generally, flowers, chocolate, jewellery, purses, dinners at the restaurants, cars, yachts, property.

The two elements usually always coexist and often meant to substitute each other. The intention of flowers and candies is to show or convince of care and affection when the actual levels of these feelings are questioned or running low.
On the other hand, when the social security of your relationship is very fragile (like a secret love), you try to compensate through closer feelings and mutual support.

The lessons are probably:
1 .If you want romantic love, try to avoid building relationships on flowers & chocolate
2. If you want high social benefits from relationships, reduce feelings and affection
3. If you are searching for a perfect prince or princess, you’ll end up kissing frogs.


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