Structure of Writing

When you decide to write, remember, the structure is as important for the message, as discipline and strategy are for the army – volume alone will confer no advantage.

The first sentence, the first paragraph is an opening for the discussion to follow, it is essential that it is kept brief, but it must carry with it the full confidence and spirit of the whole message.

The second paragraph must exploit the advantage of attention gained by the first, and us to introduce the main ideas and concepts of the message, establishing a sense of connection if possible.

Finally, the main body must aim at delivering the content of the message and achieving the set goals of the writer in the most illustrative and effective manner. The respect of the reader’s attention and ability to concentrate on the topic is essential.

A well structured and well delivered message will reduce the need for a strong defensive conclusion in the end as, by this time, the reader will be capable of drawing their own conclusion. Instead, reinforcing the connection with reader may be more useful.


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