Tacit meanings of Life

Life is full of attractions, and distractions as well. But the meaning of life, it’s purpose, it’s aim has eluded forever both science and philosophy of man. Yet every every creature alive knows and feels the reason of life. The human language simply lacks words deep and meaningful enough for the subject. It is tacit – one can feel it easily, but not describe.

Before the dawn, at night, dazzling is to look at the open skies populated with stars of every colour and intensity. Each one is like a person – unique and enlightening, some are familiar friends, other strangers… but when the time is right the horizon is lit with the light of many thousands of stars, yet it is but one more star in the sky, just one more, but it’s brightness, warmth and beauty shadows all others, and the firsts rays of day always promise so much happiness, energy and love. How painful it is to know that soon the star will be gone and part of your life will be gone along with it, leaving you waiting in dark and cold of the night, full of hopes and dreams, and fears for the coming of the bright star.


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