Transformers-Optimus Prime-Revenge Of the Fallen

This is an awsomem movie “TRANSFORMERS -THE REVENGE FO THE FALLEN” I wish I can see it againa nd again, its really cool, the graphics are amazing, and so is the storyline, I really liked the way Optimus was brought to life, then upgraded by a Decepticon giving away his life to help Magatron, also a fascinating bond between BumbleBee and Sam can be seen the way he feel when sam is leaving for college and cannot take Bee along as he is a freshman.

What I await is now for a third transformers I wanna see what Magatron Will  do now as the Autobots have killed their main Soldiors , I await for Optimus to go back in peace to Cybetron once more and regain full control…


2 responses to “Transformers-Optimus Prime-Revenge Of the Fallen

    • I agree with you somewhat, but in the end they were added for the soul purpose of adding some humor in the movie isin’t it?

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