Move on, don’t look back… ( does it work???)

” we gotta accept some hard facts of life, and live with it, never look back, just move on! 🙂 “

– Anonymous

Well yeah the above quote is true in many ways. In Life we pass through many phases, phases that we attract into our lives , we never seem to expect them come close towards us , and never think of them being even remoteley connected to our souls, but that part, it becomes , one, one with our soul, so connected that one feels it hard to believe when it suddenly vanishes.

It feels as if the whole sea starts tasting sour or sweet. Something goes wrong suddenly, a space is created in one’s life which he feels it difficult to express, those variabilities just burn away and become apart of a completely new equation, leaving you unbalanced, just for a while (maybe).

In life, we all do go through this, its nothing new, but really a very basic human emotional feeling which leaves many hard to express how it feels, deep within.I truly do not have words to say how I am feeling right now, or what is provoking me to write this , but all I have is a feeling, making my heart beat abnormally, my mind uncontrolled of various fantasies, eyes stuck to this piece of laptop and my mouth shut with nothing to say.I am left speechless.

I do not know why today I was missing my friends so much from session 1, I missed my life back at home, missed my friends and family, and also a dream which I always dream to achieve success, well that is not for me to miss, because that is what is yet to be achieved.

The thing that hurts the most but is true is that Time is constant in relation with change ( which is constant too) everything changes , people change, life changes , but not human emotions. That’s a hard fact , tough to swallow. I really am falling short of words now. So I will conclude.

I will soon be normal, by tomorrow morning, but I am sure that this wierd emotional chemical unbalanced state of mind and body will continue forever.




3 responses to “Move on, don’t look back… ( does it work???)


    You’re always such an emotional thinker.

    You think you’ve never felt in love but maybe this is because

    You love everything too much already! So your love is not focused

    on only one person.

    Love u man

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