Last day with Mirza and Sara in london

Did not want to say goodbye to the best guy from Sweden, he was an amazing guy to be around with someone with whom you just felt to talk bullshit and have fun all the time. But today at our Legendary place Shakespeare’s head we sat last time (no it was not the last time as we decided to meet again soon) and had a great time. Roamed for a while at Picaddily circus, leicester sqaure and covent garden, after which we relaxed at shakespeare and headed off.

The last Hug was hilarious, It seemed Mirza was getting so emotional he would cry, even sara was looking quite sad, to leave london..hehe and her shopping (maybe) ..

Will miss mirza and his (T’s) and the various jokes we shared, it will always be remembered…

I can go writing a lot about it ,but just want to conclude by saying that , lse summer school session 1 would never have been completed by these wonderful people I met in my class, who made it so enjoyable to be with 🙂

Will Miss you guys….


P.S- Sometimes Small Instances can bring people more closer , than being with someone for years which might not help.


3 responses to “Last day with Mirza and Sara in london

  1. Musti, I already miss u so I think we should not be sad that we can’t hang out in a while now, but to be glad that weve met which makes it possible to hang out many more times! I’m really looking forward to go with everyone to some nice place this spring or something… Now im going to take a glace of frenchies (hopefully) tasty wine and then whyne a little bit about the current homegoing situation… lol. Sara says hello as well, since u didnt want to give your blogadress to her, lol.

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