Finality of Death – Is Death the End or the Beginning?

“What is the meaning of life? How are we able to life a full, meaningful life with loved ones only to loss them to death? No one alive has the answers, but I do have some insight for the why and how we experience death.”

Being held after one’s birth. Learning our first word and associating familiar faces around us as family. Growing up, falling in love, raising a family of our own and growing old with the one we have deemed to be our true love. These are merely a few of the steps of life that we climb as we embark on our journey into the unknowns called fate and the future.

All of us, young and old, has lost someone or something dear to their heart. Whether it be a parent, a sibling, friend or even a pet, we all have been thrusted into a reality where stability and common familiarities do not exist. We had to learn in a very painful, and undeniably cruel fashion, that life was not permanent. That our loved ones did not come back as Hollywood feverishly led us believe. No, we live in a dark, icy cold world where happiness will be replaced by sadness and our family and friends would one day be no more. This is our reality. This is the finality of death.

Death, another word to some, a new beginning for others, or the aftermath of where we will spend eternity, is the most feared aspect of life. Everyday, we go about our business taking what we hold to be the true form of reality for granted and act as if someday death will not come knocking on our doors. Why? Do we do this out of vain hope that we will be immortal and live forever? Or do we do this knowing the final outcome yet figure that by placing the finality of death in the furthest reaches of our minds, securely tucked away out of our reaches, we will enjoy the fleeting time that life offers us?

To me, as well as it will be for many others, I view death as not final but merely a new beginning from the old. Our true selves that will live after the metamorphis of death, will be our inner thoughts, consciousness, memories, and emotions. I view death much like a dream. You are fully aware of your existence in the dream, yet you are not conscious of any physical aspect to you. Meaning, a body made of corruptible flesh and bone. That consciousness we possess in the dream, will be our consciousness, or our true selves, after we separate from the physical and journey into the afterlife. The memories and love that we have shared, made, and attached ourselves to, will be brought with us.

Now, I know not everyone will agree with me, but I do know that alot of you will feel better reading these words and hearing them spoken outloud. Death is not final. Therefore, there cannot be finality of death. We are who we are and we will remain that way forever.

A New Beginning

A New Beginning


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