Music Heals

I do not know how should I express this feeling but it really works for me. Whenever, in whatever mood I am, if a certain tune on my ipod,  i tune in to just focuses my whole mind into that zone, the world becomes more life-like and if any problems I have, seem to get clearer and I look much into the bright side, It may seem funny for someone to think that how on earth can just “music” be a solution, but it truly is.

Just cannot imagine driving fast without Psychedelic Trance or slow without Rock.. Just like to walk with my i-pod on, cannot believe that I can walk more and not even realise that I did when I have my ipod on, but just feel pathetic while I am not listening to anything.

Many do debate with me saying that its all ,one’s thinking, music just diverts away ur mind and makes you more happy just because I think it will make me.. But if it does make me happy, why not do it? 🙂

“Music Heals” yeah it truly does,


It’s been practiced for centuries, but music therapy as sound medicine is a relatively new field of research. Asian doctors just discovered that Classical or Zen music may cure tinnitus (Channel News Asia, Sept 15, 2007). British scientists are studying the effects of music on the symptoms of schizophrenia; music may ease the depression, anxiety, and withdrawal that many schizophrenics experience (SpiritIndia, Sept 6, 2007). What is music therapy? It’s sometimes an antidote to physical pain and psychological disorders.

Music therapy can reduce pain, anxiety and depression. It can help people learn to walk and talk again.


So you see,life with Music into it, can have so much more “life” into it….

Enjoy life…. Love Music…

Peace 😀




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