A funny Day spent with Juliette and Oktay!

Yesterday was awesomme, met Juliette and Oktay and we went shopping to selfridges, it was hillarious as oktay was describing how juliette shops and how he gets pissed off as it is not easy for her to like something. :), but it was sweet of him to go around with her and see the things she liked.

We roamed around in self ridges and did not buy anything, left that place and then I took Oktay and Juliette to Jerk City Chicken, where Oktay was very hesitant to eat and did not like much but he was still laughinga nd happy and appreciated the food, (oktay is great) ..  Juliette ate a bit and then was full (cuz she ate chocolate cake and drank cofee before that) ..

After which we roamed around Soho and were finding a nice place to sit, We went to the Jazz club which oktay was talking about but it was shut therefore we just sat in a a pub and had a chat… at first oktay was not in such a good mood, after the shopping 😀 but then he was alright after a while when he dranka a bit, and was smiling again.

Juliette is an amazing photgrapher, she was clicking phptograpghs all the time while she walked and wherever we went, and some of the pictures were really awesomme, secondly the black and white picture potography of hers was really great.. I really liekd the B&W pictures.

After that we walked for a while and then went to tottenham court road, where Juliette told me one of her last good byes ( cuz ill soon meet oktay and her in paris, hopefully :D)  ….

It was a day well spent & Enjoyed 🙂




4 responses to “A funny Day spent with Juliette and Oktay!

  1. I’ll cry now cause I just remember the day,
    and I am sad, cause it is gone!

    But thank you for remebering us that sweet emotions and enjoying times

  2. I knw bro , myself and oktay miss u all so much bhai, u wont believe, everytime we jus wish u all were here…. 🙂 session 1 group was the best man!

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