The Unplanned day!

unplanned day picture oktay ,french friend & me

unplanned day picture oktay ,french friend & me

It began from morning, I met a relative , well it was descided to meet him and help him out with some work, but what followed after that was totally unplanned , I went with him to Harrod’s , after which , we ate at Edgware road and then met an old friend who happend to be at edgware road with his relatives, and surprising while we spoke on the street with my frineds and his family another family friend bumped in who knew not only my friendย  but also his relatives. This was hillarious,.

After this I came to my room with my relative and then he left in a while. After which My friend called up (oktay) and asked me to come over to shakespear’s , I met him there with his french friend ( oktay’s friends keep coming a alot from paris, I guess they just love london) . Then we spoke , cracked some jokes, and then I spoke about going to G.I Joe and watching the premiere to shepherd’s bush, oktay got all excited and so was his friend they though G I Joe movie would be all cool and stuff, and the happilly took the risk of coming along with me and we rished to the cinemal hall , caught the train and bought tickets for oktay and his friend while I rushed in to pee..( yeah that’s disgusting) haha…

Well oktay rushed in to pee as well and so did his french friend, then we went into screeen 9 and were one of the few people, as there were so few people in the premiere, maybe they all knew how it will be … and we sat through the whole movie, oktay was just laughing throught the actions and stuff, he thought all this is bullshit, he wanted things to be practical in an action movie.He even said that he wants to kill himself as he bought the tickets and now the director will have money to make another G I Joe and soon everybody wikll die of madness of watchng mad action mvies, throughout our way to bond street to eat food at “ping pong restraunt” oktay was just debating how actions movie should be , unlike G I Joe.. he even appreciated that Dragonball evolution is a better movie than G I Joe, well that;s a bit too much Oktay, G I Joe was not monkey business ๐Ÿ™‚

We finally reached bond street station and it was pouring, i mean literally pouring (god damn the british weather) yeah and then we were searchng for this James street where this “ping pong restraunt” was. We finally gave up finding it and then caught a cab upto the restraunt. We entered in and were so glad we reached and then we found that the food was not to be served anymore as the kitchen was closed. Oktay looked at my face as if I owned the restraunt and was pissed off.

We then asked a few restraunts if they were still serving (it was ironical as many places do serve till late) bt its freaking central london right..hehe , things close so fast here..

We ate this random arabic restraunt three different kebab dishes , and were happy.Oktay looked happy and so did his french friend.

We finally ran after food to bond street stationa nd caught our train home but even on our way back we were just laughing on what we did today and it was hillariously amazing.

Yeah we did enjoy despite the bullshit weather, Britain you can’t kick our ass… ๐Ÿ™‚ we kicked yours ๐Ÿ˜›

ping pong restraunt

ping pong restraunt


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