Is this world run by corportes, poloticians, or media?

This is a huge debate, or a question that goes on in my mind at times, I feel that it is not possible for just one body to handle everything and run this world, the president of united states is just an image representing the (most powerful) country –so called..

Everyday we hear news, news that shapes our lives, Adverts that make us go shop, Adverts that tempt us to eat in a restraunt. Why do we get tempted by this stuff? well that’s just being human.. No questions about that, but we do not even realize in ways the corporates and media team up to research on our basic human instincts so well by using technology that we fall prey to it.

Tell me how many bought that stupid iphone which was not even having a simple forward to all and even “bluetooth” yet bragged about the iphone…

We are living in a world where this world is being run not by government, but corporates. We vote our leaders but the huge giants rue us in the end…

This is reality…

P.S- this post is one of the few which I will add relate dto the same topic.. 🙂


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