The Annoying Flu…

Well it sureley was a hype but this swine flu apedemic got the whole world by a storm, people got scared like shit and panicked as if it was Cancer which was spreading thru sneeze and cough.

I was not as much concerned about this stuff but my future was unplanned as always, I landed in mumbai and there was this swine flu check which has been going on since months now , had to fill a form and answer a few questions to the doc who would figure out if you had swine flu and take you to a hospital immediately.

As soon as i came out of the airport I could not stop coughing, I just reached home and took medicines and went off to sleep. Next day I was struck by flu, called the doc and said its not swine flu, just some viral flu going around. great, so now I dont have to worry about dying.

Now I took medicines and precautions for a few days and feeling much better today , hopefully will be fine by the end of this week when the whole virus is eradicated from the body 🙂

Stay Fit!


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