Are we becoming too materialistic?

I do not know how but overall, the attitude of people is changing, we have become prey to this whole materialistic world, unlike developing countries, when developed countries are looked at, we see how people’s attitude towards things changed over time.

We just consume, Consume and Consume, use and throw things. People like the word SHOP! even when there is recession going on they will buy from less expensive shops but will still SHOP!.

Why such an addiction? Well if we understand things closeley, most of us now a days in developed nations have Television access and Internet access, on which we recieve hundreds of advertisements a day, about STUFF, to SHOP!. once a person returns from work and watches those adverts he feels tempted to consume it for the family and gets it on his next purchase.

Now most of the things in the house in USA or UK are not consumed by people.People do not even consume totally the edible items purchased, nearly 5% of the items are used till 100% in one’s home and only 3% of the Goods are consumed by people in USA of the total goods been supplied to the shops and stores.

for more information I had a look at   , you should also take out time and watch this small clip, its an eye opener.