Everything is Everything

Has been a long time since I last blogged, I do not know what kept me away from writing , but it is just that I found out how to tweet and stuff, which was just a bit exciting but now I have become quite normal with it, not over doing it too much.

I was just sitting down today and wondered that , why at times do we feel so disconnected, ?. I just want to have someone to talk to, someone to relate to but my closest friend and relative are all far away, and worst thing is that now since lives are so busy , one hardly get stime to unload themselves, to share what they feel.

The only way I felt easy , is to write it down here.. At times we all just smile but deep down we all need that bond, we need that caring , that love, which seems to be missing..

But yeah feels good to be back, will keep posted! 🙂