Things That I don’t Understand

Life, something which, kept and will keep human beings puzzled throughout times..It is something which a few understand too little, or some too much, the rest, remain in a dilemma throughout their lives, questioning themselves and the system.

The more one tries to look deep into , existence, time, creation, the purpose of one soul. He gets more questions than answers.Everytime one tries to question the existence of societies, political groups, religious systems, financial system. You will just be left with a bunch of conspiracy theories and terminologies which will confuse you even further.

Watched clips, movies ,read books and articles, all relevant to the subject I sought for but still even after all the information gathered and put together, somehow there ar esome little things which do not make sense.

A few days ago I was watching a clip on youtube about someone being hypnotized by a magician and then made to act like someone else. The thought just struck me, about societies, we all are so materialized and mesmerized by the whole system that we fail to realize the facts. Even the facts that are presented to us are infact blinding us from the fact.

So in the end we , end up knowing practically nothing.I assume the critical knowledge , that a human soul is thirsty for is , the true, pure knowledge, the knowledge that can quench the thirst of every soul, the information they always searched for.

I am no priest, or a guru who can guide you about what is right or what is wrong, but all I want you to know that , I feel that we should all try and understand more about the creation of the whole system, from the creation of human race till the evolution of today till today. There is so much information out there, and every piece of data leads to the other, and every time you seek that next piece of data you meet interesting people on the way of your path to seeking information, all contributing in one way or another to build up your knowledge, trust me you will understand the connection of everything , of every person very soon, from the time you get out there and start searching. Trust me it has been a never ending learning process for me as of yet, maybe you will find an answer, very soon!



My isolation

I have isolated myself from the past one week to be just concentrating on my work, dissertation, courseworks and exam reading. I have not met any friends , not spent time in socializing neither have I chatted with any one much. All I do is either put my head down in the library, researching or read a book in my room.

There are a few moments I feel that I wish to just run free , leave everything and be what I want to, forget all this, what is this that I am doing ? why this? , This makes me believe that I am here not just for education, but for a purpose, to understand and realize the purpose. That Purpose is different for different people, and we all observe and percieve it in a way that makes us comfortable.

Life has become a systems and a Process Modelling Diagram with a start and end to it, strings attached to it which if we slip, the strings break and we fall down into the valley of critizism, and torture.

Few people try to come out of the system, try to be a musical note without an end to it and be who you really want to be , but alas!, that is not what everyone acheves.

I have tried really hard on understanding the true purpose of my life, and believe me I still ammuse my self of what I have gone through and learnt from it. I beleieve we all are semenly connected through our psycological system, educating each other. All we need to know is how to gather this information, and knowledge and expand it beyond our means.

For all this text knowledge, we learn everyday in the books is all crap, what matters is , the knowledge of oneself, and that can be gained by knowing who you are.

I am still in the phase of my isolation and will soon come out of it when I believe I have achieved something, both material and spiritual, satisying my soul and mind.

For knowledge is not just about knowing, it is about truly understanding that , learning is a forever process which you will continue even after death!.


the day that passed slowly

Today I do not know why, but all of a sudden I just feel the day passing by slowly, really slow. I woke up and looked at the clock and it was 7:00 am, and I went back to sleep, only to wake up again after a long long dream to see that it was just 7:01 am. It is not the first time I experienced this but hey, let me tell you something different, All this while whenevr I work, I usually take nearly 4-5 hours on a research subject and I began at 10:00 am, I was shocked that my work got over by 11:00 pm, and I even went to the lab and retuned back by 11:15pm.

I do not know what people might think, but I just felt this sense of time just slowing down a bit today, or maybe my perception was a bit different at the way I observed the oustide world. I for once thought , that I was in a lucid state of mind, where I was aware that I am awake and yet dreaming but no, that was not true either.

Well, whatever it was, it truly felt different. It is a sense of feeling that always comes and goes away. But that splinter in the mind , never turns off, just drives you crazy, everytime you think about it!



Temet Nosce

Written Below are my poems which I have published recently- You can purchase my book of poems Titled “Temet Nosce” from

The Unexplained Purpose

Asked many A Times was I

Why do I spend my times with Thyself

Why Do I not Understand The Purpose

Of Being Myself

Laughed Loud I ,Never had a Reply

Just Gazed at the stars looked above the sky

People so strange , Think only in a range

A Glass half full is looked yet drained

News I watch , Only to Learn about Pain,

Insanity shown is through what many gain

Yet I feel it to be Insane, to see many dying in vain

Tried understanding the purpose of my soul

Deceived by myself was I, when learnt I was so cold,

Could not connect to thee, I tried many a times to be free

Lost, yet not alone, I realized I was not on my own

Gazed up in the sky to be free, I wished a sky ,where I could be my own, a place, if wings had I , could’ve flown.

Looking at the fleshy mass on my soul, I ask,

Is our purpose truly not told?

Are we all so odd and cold?

Why in a womb I spend 9 months and come out in a Life full of misery and pain?

When I am unsure about life

Then what is it, what we gain?

When only a normal, just survives and strives.

I ask

what is life?

Time the only constant thing

Change is the only thing that remains Constant

People and Nature keep changing at an Instant

Nobody knows what remains constant

I Believe Time and Change are the only two quadrants

Relationships between things change, Society Change

Mentality Change

Somethings Do change , Somethings do Not

Some People Carry on With Life , while others may Not

Death May lead you to a next world beyond time

But still time after time you will carry on living with time.

Instances pile up, phases come up

We go through it, some pass through it

It is all a mathematical equation

Of which we are a perfect combination

If everything worked in order

There would never be a New World Order

Thy feels, we would be in a state of disorder

For our time to be calmer

We have to be a bit more slower

Slow to improvise technology

Fast to understand catastrophe

For Time is not infinity

But if understood well can lead to eternity

Is this Life ?

Coming out of the womb we cry

Is this the world where we’re left to try

Oceans deep and sky above high

Is this the Life where I’m left to fly?

Time and again we fall and we’re weak

Yet we stand up not accepting defeat

A few humans do accept retreat

But what is Life without such a treat

Earning for Life Yearning to strive

Pain is offered in different ways

Pleasure is a curse ,at the end we cry

Nobody knows it, a complex phenomenon as a hive

A Noise so Loud , seems to be Silent

Looking straight into one’s eyes yet seem different

We may be gifted with sight yet appear blind

Is this a new nature of human , of some “kind” ?

For it is Impossible to Rewind

And go back to where everyone was just Kind

For some may call me blind

But That’s Just Fine, as only a few are of our kind

There are talk about opportunities

Paths to new possibilities

Yet there are a few who make necessities

For us to make retreats

Why do we end up questioning life

Asking ourselves the true right,

Strengthening our muscles to test and fight

An Advice to all ,just go along

As you go Along Sing along a Song

For Maybe the path be Long

Stand up and fight, because

You’re Strong!

Is War the only purpose ?

Does Everything have to end ?

But an end should be without a bend

So,  has it become a trend ?,

On arms nations spend

Has It become a true source of survival ?,

The Only survival ,with a role of betrayal.

Why does this become so sensational ?,

When only a few are left who are emotional.

Is it the beginning of the end?

Many question this new trend

Weather you are a foe or a friend

Your life is not worth to spend

You may ask who am I , asking me Why

Is there a reason to sit and cry?

Never saw grief getting old,

Never saw pain getting cold

Crushed are those who stand up and try

Just stood up to ask why

To ask why do you want to be sly

And just term everything not yours as “my”

At the end realized it was not even worth a mortal’s try

For till the end of his last breath he will be forced to cry

Religion vs Humanity

What is that we seek for,

Is it religion in humanity that we aid for?

Truth and Sanity have been granted for

Yet heaven is what we yell for

Ye knew that human is a complex,

That’s why no one knows some of its darkest secrets

Million Killed and now You talk about Religion?

When the least you could have done is the be more human.

It has become a universal shame

When we now don’t know whom to blame

When it all is just a game

When we realize , its insane

Its all going to be over and flow down the drain

People yelled for help, they seeked Him

They cried for Him , they assured with money

But does funds suffice, Thee?

While truth may seem bitter to a few, for some,

Funds are as sweet as Honey

Alas ! It is true, they both coexist,

A future being built blindly, in which

We must exist

It seems ridiculous watching how one can be so sure

Oh, I almost forgot, Religion has no cure.

Humanity is so sure

That Religion will never , end the WAR

Walking along a temple, a mosque or a church,

I hear peace, feel faith, and understand Life

Yet I feel afraid, that in vain if my emotions over exceed

I may regret myself of doing an evil deed.

What is evil? What is good,

I am unsure, not knowing what I should,

If too much of good can be bad

Why not too much of bad be good?

Will I ever realize what I would?

It is an unexpressed feeling

Where sky does not determine the height of Thy Ceiling

Faith provked cannot be harmonious

Whilst we yet live in a society that is hilarious

Fraid that I cannot talk to Thee,

Yet all I ask “Is your mind set to be free” ?

If  we can pray to the sun and lie under a gun,

All I ask is WE to be ONE


Why is Money

As Sweet as Honey

Feel Few Even When Plenty?

Maybe We are still unsure

About the unfound cure

Classifying the rich and the poor ,

Still varying the ways we earn for

For a few it means nothing,

A few consider it as something,

And the rest as their everything

A Little gap is left between needs and desires

And the latter rules out the necessity

A feeling so pure as love

Yet money is puts it at stake and all above

At the end I stopped thinking

Cause this subject is not worth minting

Realizing the fact that even if we all had more than plenty

Yet there would be ways to make it scanty

Why Love?

Why has this word becomes so complicated,

One word but various abbreviations instead

Never did I thought about a daffodil which lay out there

For which just there it gets a few weeks of life,

Gracefully it smiles, making us smile

Fell in Love with its smell

Its beauty

But that moment came soon,

When it weathered away,

Tears fell down from my eye

I still do not know why,

It was just a emotion ,for which I did not even had to try

But yet I do not know why did I end up to cry

Looked up above in the sky and saw the daffodil smile ,

Realized the answer I sought for,

Maybe this true is love I feel for.

Maybe this was that true love what everyone aims for,

A feeling and desire to Long For.

Dreams the Only Thing Left for Free

Why are dreams the only thing left to free?

Apart from the air we just breathe

Even birth has a monetary value

Bringing life to this new world a child so pure

Asked once a man, about his dreams

He said

All I want is what I desire

My desires are not a faint of heart to perspire

Normality and Peace is what I dream everyday

Yet I learn is its just a mind’s play

Not seeking for lot of monetary gains

Nor a place where everyone’s a saint

Just seeking normality in Life, which I dream everyday

But Yet I am just a fool to realize it’s a game that my mind plays

No Interest in Being the richest in town

Neither a king with a golden crown

Seeking for true love and faith in prayers

Waiting for answers and prayers to be heard

I’m Not a Man with a huge rapport, said he,

Just one of the normal kind

Political Borders are meant for one’s who see

But I am the One who is out to seek

Seeking for a normal truth, a truth about my dream

Why is it ,unachievable, making me bend down and scream

A Normal person , I am, Unable to See beyond Walls

Yet I try to take a leap and see if it falls

A drop of water can make a flame of fire go cold

Then why do the brave men not be Bold?

Not asking here for sacrifices, he emphasized

Just seeking for peace, and nobody to be criticized

For discrimination and separation is all a game

For we all humans are left to blame

Fame Power and Money is most abnormal game

I am just a Normal still understanding this mental pain

Alas at the end I feel Lost,

Loosing everything at Everything’s Cost

Not bothered weather I shout it out loud or I scream

That I am not yet afraid to Dream

Gazed into his eyes I do not know why

I did not feel weather to smile or cry

Because when someone can just limit his numbers till infinity

I still have my dreams for free

Impossible or Choice?

Is choice an illusion

Derived for a reason

To go left or go right

Or just do what you feel right

Impossible is nothing as some say

Power is something which makes it play

Cause and Effects are all a game

We do not know whom to blame

Reasoning been overtaken by Idiot Boxes

Students are we attending its daily classes

A World has it become where you are just left as One

Left with a necessity which becomes an obsession

A passion for succession

Borders built for no reason

Leaving a Human always in Deception

Don’t have to reach for the stars everytime

If you can’t its not a crime

Happiness is not a thing of the past

A choice is for you to make a cast

For Love still sails in the old man’s boat

Wearing the same old coat , called Hope!


Why has it become so hard to Trust

On our emotions we lay so much of thrust

Sometimes we feel so crushed

Lying doing in this emotion filled with rust

It seemed to exist in a simple point of time

Yet now its somehow become a crime

We just talk and do not mean

Just assuming and not being keen

Looking around this world I find

Not many of this Kind

Being Kind

In a fast paced world we live

Only to take and not to give

When mother’s have lost hopes and kill their kids

Is it a place we can find real peace amidst

There are some diseases which are incurable

Neither can this be endured nor bearable

It is just a feeling filled with Rust

Something that we call Trust

Unlimited Desires

Saw that flashy car on the street

With a model come out to me and Greet

Did not expect to meet, A model with a flashy car on the street

Humans we are , having loads of desires

Weather achievable or not, is in no man’s thought’s wire

All we do is work and perspire

At the end of the day, to achieve our heart’s only desire

Saw that ring in the mall, gave your love done a call

Telling her your hearts all, once you saw the ring in the mall

We all know who blinds us, yet we follow the red bus

If it’s not media and advertisements that control our desire

Then we must have a control to that emotional wire.

Everything’s at stake , all thing’s a gamble

You wait to win, you fear to loose

Your mind is a device, which if uncontrolled

you’ll pay a huge price

Just to look nice, you may end up in a caged life

For world wars weren’t fought for no reason or desire

If it hadn’t been for a abnormal thought’s wire

Still Human we are having immortal desires

OF which we have no cure ever to end the fire

Is Everything Coming To An End

Why do we all wait for the end of the world

While some of us fear , it can be worst

Weather it will be bombs or sun which will burst

Or meteors crashing down and crushing mother earth

Unsure why , people question about this new burst

While not even few can help to quench a child’s thirst

In a world where everyone ,just want be first

In a passion of fame, and the dollars lust

In a place, if not liked , you have a liberty to end

This unfortunately is life’s new trend

Weather or not God Sends a Messenger

We have no time to sit and bother

People just create a new God

And are happy to be up and abode

Fame and Name are a new part of the game

A few care about the hurt and lame

Some of us are really insane

To not understand the reality of pain

For IF Einstein said truly about World War IV

Bows and Arrows will be used and not arms of war

For Time and Space are the two ends

Leaving Infinity to be the new trend


It’s rooted deep down within

Runs within our adrenalin

For weather we have committed a crime or a sin

It’s still buried deep within

Some fear for the one they love

Others may fear the fear of love

Afraid of the nightmare or the darkest night

Sounds that fill you with chill or sound that make you fright

Dark Clouds fill within you with pain

While you walk through the rain of struggle ,without gain

For Fear can make you go Insane

At Times of Immorality casting chains

A singular emotion lingers all around us

Some need it others just weather with the rust

A few will rise in repulsion of pain

No Morals of truth or name

Simple for a Sound to be clear

But what if it if filled with fear?

Know Thyself

Is it so hard to know thyself,

Difficult to believe in oneself,

Hard to trust yourself,

Trying over and over to know myself.

We all try to know science

When all our life’s reasons are not in silence

Yet we become part of a play

In which we are the actors and scripting the way

Life makes it too complicated to understand oneself

As you become too busy to be someone else

Alas, it is not unknown , that we have all become a clone

A replica of what we see,

And not whom we want to be

I am still trying to be one with myself

Trying to find the true potential within self

Understanding the glass is half full not empty

That I have much , if not plenty

It’s when I can be true to myself

To Know Thyself