Things That I don’t Understand

Life, something which, kept and will keep human beings puzzled throughout times..It is something which a few understand too little, or some too much, the rest, remain in a dilemma throughout their lives, questioning themselves and the system.

The more one tries to look deep into , existence, time, creation, the purpose of one soul. He gets more questions than answers.Everytime one tries to question the existence of societies, political groups, religious systems, financial system. You will just be left with a bunch of conspiracy theories and terminologies which will confuse you even further.

Watched clips, movies ,read books and articles, all relevant to the subject I sought for but still even after all the information gathered and put together, somehow there ar esome little things which do not make sense.

A few days ago I was watching a clip on youtube about someone being hypnotized by a magician and then made to act like someone else. The thought just struck me, about societies, we all are so materialized and mesmerized by the whole system that we fail to realize the facts. Even the facts that are presented to us are infact blinding us from the fact.

So in the end we , end up knowing practically nothing.I assume the critical knowledge , that a human soul is thirsty for is , the true, pure knowledge, the knowledge that can quench the thirst of every soul, the information they always searched for.

I am no priest, or a guru who can guide you about what is right or what is wrong, but all I want you to know that , I feel that we should all try and understand more about the creation of the whole system, from the creation of human race till the evolution of today till today. There is so much information out there, and every piece of data leads to the other, and every time you seek that next piece of data you meet interesting people on the way of your path to seeking information, all contributing in one way or another to build up your knowledge, trust me you will understand the connection of everything , of every person very soon, from the time you get out there and start searching. Trust me it has been a never ending learning process for me as of yet, maybe you will find an answer, very soon!



One response to “Things That I don’t Understand

  1. thanks for the invitation! 🙂

    Perhaps as a sign of comfort,

    “The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.” -Albert Einstein

    Keep asking! 😀

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