Un-Necessary Stuff

There are a lot of things in our life , which we do not need, yet we percieve them to be important to us. We assume that they will prrove to be important at some point proving toΒ  be helpful, but honestly when we think over and look around us more than 80% of the things we own, or we are related to , we just do not need.

Let me give you a brief example. Many of us have our cupboards filled with clothes, shoes , and many other things , which we do not even use on a daily basis.

I once just sat down in my free time and sorted out the things which I do not want , things which I can do without and stuff which I do not need on a daily basis. Once I did that nearly half of my room was free & I had a much open space, It makes you feel a bit different.Makes you happy when you share things with someone who needs it more than what you do. Respect the cycle. For some it is hard to let go of the old things in life, but remember, that nothing is permanent and you will not take things with you till eternity, maybe you like keeping stuff around you to make you happy, but I just like to throw away the not so important things and just keep things that are necessary to me at that point in time.

Humans have a tenancy to hold on to things , to the past, to relations, to friends, family, emotions. If one keeps holding on to things he will have to live in a world of ‘fake happiness’ , which in my opinion is not good,maybe for a few that is what they like. I believe that a person should Live the life he/she wants to, get rid of things, delete people from the contact list, or empty the recycle bin, not be too attached to the useless things, which you may think , that keeps you “complete”.

Life is a journey which never ends, Just be yourself and trust me you will be amazed to see how beautiful this journey is. πŸ™‚


Empty Spaces

Many a Times in Life one comes across a situation which makes him feel , that he or she is lacking something. An Emotion which makes them believe that there is something missing which makes them complete.

I feel that emotion run through me , a lot of times and mostly triggering an emotional catalyst which makes me believe that I need energy from the people for whom I feel the most affection for.

It is a simple emotion that one goes through while alone , the need for someone to be there so close to you with whom you can share a few moments of joy, happiness and shed a few tears with, but nature does not play the role of balancing your emotional needs with the teleportation of the loved one.

One does get used to this insoluble paradigm of life, which he then terms as “missing someone” ..