Empty Spaces

Many a Times in Life one comes across a situation which makes him feel , that he or she is lacking something. An Emotion which makes them believe that there is something missing which makes them complete.

I feel that emotion run through me , a lot of times and mostly triggering an emotional catalyst which makes me believe that I need energy from the people for whom I feel the most affection for.

It is a simple emotion that one goes through while alone , the need for someone to be there so close to you with whom you can share a few moments of joy, happiness and shed a few tears with, but nature does not play the role of balancing your emotional needs with the teleportation of the loved one.

One does get used to this insoluble paradigm of life, which he then terms as “missing someone” ..



4 responses to “Empty Spaces

  1. Yeah I was, for 2 days , (a bad phase) and then now back to reality and normality is achieved 🙂

  2. it’s funny how u can express something so emotional, into something so rational. hahaha kambate! (don’t give up in japanese)

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