Why Do we have to CHANGE! ???

Just had a conversation with my close friend and he asked me to change a few things in my attitude and behaviour, as he thinks I am “TOO KIND” , I was shocked to hear this , but he explained me well and said this world is not as good as one thinks and just there to use your good nature to their best interest..

Well I was not completely convinced, as I argued that “What goes around ,comes back around” and “Every Action has an equal and opposite reaction” , things just do not go in vain. But he argued on saying that one should do good if you get something good back from “good people” only and not do good or spend a penny even on people who are selfish..

Umm Do you think So ?? Well i agree to an extent but not completely … I think a person should just do whatever he feels, help or be good to anyone he wants not select and be good with a selected group of people…

Why This???   Why Change for the rest ??? Why Not just be Yourself ??   😦


4 responses to “Why Do we have to CHANGE! ???

  1. Of course we have to change – for the better! (un)Fortunately, it usually comes with side effects like adaptation, dissonance, after numerous (at times, repetitive) trials and tribulations.

    How do you define “good people”? If you only do something good in return after receiving good from other people, and judge upon others who you think are “bad” or “selfish” by not doing the same, are you showing an example? If everybody thinks that way, who’s gonna start giving?

    Bad nature can be manipulated too, if you’re nasty enough. hahaha Think about violence, greed, prejudice, anger…

    Somebody once told me that life is all about perception. Everybody construes their world differently. Just be yourself. 🙂

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