This sweet Love – James Yuill

I have just been mesmerized by this song recently …

Be, the greatest man in history
The greatest man that you can be
Just be

Walk, walk out on the beach with me
Walk out in the sea with me
Just be

All of the time you show me your love
Sweet love
And oh, how you know
This sweet love

Nights, cold nights wrapped in ecstasy
Those times still perplexing be
They just be

All of the time you show me your love
Sweet love
And oh how you know
This sweet love


Relationships in Turmoil

Yesterday Evening I had a chat with a friend who has a common  issue like many others , about forgetting the past and let it go. It is natural. People find it hard to let things go. While for some it may just take a few minutes or even a few seconds to let things go while for some it may take months – years even.

It is funny how a simple emotion “love” can cling onto your heart so strong that one forgets about all other things in life apart from his/her affection for the loved one.

People are not to be blamed for their situation at all, nobody can be questioned as to why did they fall into such a situation or what lead them to this day. It all happens, and it happens for the best.

Breaking up can be very healthy , and mutual , again it all depends on both people how well they handle the situation. If one of the mates is more emotional than the other, this leads to a state where the other person is left in a state whereby he does not know what to do.

There is no rulebook or a Guide to a healthy break up , no book an teach you how to overcome a breakup , it’s all up to you , how you train your mind to “FORGET” & “Forgive”

This may sound funny to most of you , but the key element of a breakup likes in Forgiveness more than the Forgetting factor. One needs to forgive first of all himself/herself of hurting themselves and their so to become “EX”, to train their heart to forgive the other person & after that , just be “IRONMAN” or “IRONWOMAN” as i term. You have to let it all go.

This does sound rude, but unless you do not let it all go away, nothing changes. you will keep looking at those old memories and fragments of your haunting past which will keep you depressed for a long time, and in some extreme cases, it even leads to suicide.

So remember to Forgive & Forget … Move on!  🙂

Unforgettable Memories

Its been a while since I last posted … Well a lot of things have taken place in these few months, a lot of changes, things have happened but always for the best … Well I do believe that whatever happens , is for the best and there is a strong reason behind it, but at times you just loose hope. You want to talk  & cry about it, you need someone to talk to at the same time you do not want anybody close. It’s a Weird Feeling.

Exams pressure is on, Got all my assignment and final year project grades, did reasonably well and I look forward to the completion of my exams on the 5th of may and go back home. I just cannot wait to see my nephew and my parents .. Life is so much better back home, but I will miss my temporary home a lot too.

During these three years of education, this year was the most craziest year ever, especially these last four months of university. I have met people whom I shall never forget and a few I am trying to forget. A few memories which I just want to erase while a few , I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

I am looking forward to go back home, but I will never forget the wonderful moments of my life here in London. Unforgettable Memories .. 🙂