Unforgettable Memories

Its been a while since I last posted … Well a lot of things have taken place in these few months, a lot of changes, things have happened but always for the best … Well I do believe that whatever happens , is for the best and there is a strong reason behind it, but at times you just loose hope. You want to talk  & cry about it, you need someone to talk to at the same time you do not want anybody close. It’s a Weird Feeling.

Exams pressure is on, Got all my assignment and final year project grades, did reasonably well and I look forward to the completion of my exams on the 5th of may and go back home. I just cannot wait to see my nephew and my parents .. Life is so much better back home, but I will miss my temporary home a lot too.

During these three years of education, this year was the most craziest year ever, especially these last four months of university. I have met people whom I shall never forget and a few I am trying to forget. A few memories which I just want to erase while a few , I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

I am looking forward to go back home, but I will never forget the wonderful moments of my life here in London. Unforgettable Memories .. 🙂


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