Music is my life

I would have been dead without music. Maybe something would have been there to replace that in nature , but nothing like music.It’s a gift to mankind.

During stress, happiness, pain , sorrow, anger, party or relaxation … etc .. etc.. whatever is the mood or the moment , Music fills the Gap.

Imagine a football match video without a song, No MTV , or Music Radio Stations …  😦 .. Pathetic it would be right!!

Even birds love to sing, the trees have their own way to create music. Humans adopted the culture of music creation back in Stone Age. This is nothing new!

I do not know why am I talking so much about music anyway, but I just want to share my love for music. Just can’t live without it.

If a day passes by where I do not listen to music one day, I feel as if that day was a bit incomplete.

While strolling in a mall , you listen to a song, and it just will spin round your head as to what it is …. well that happens with me quite often, and now since I have this new application “SHAZAM” , on my blackberry, I can just tag the song as it is being layed anywhere and I know its name and artist right away. Cool isn’t it!

Mp3’s , wav’s and mp4’s have been the new source of music share and an easy way to share music around. Well a lot of people have just a single preference to music. That’s great. Some of us believe that there should not be a single taste to music while the rest feel that you can like whatever you want. It is “music” at the end of the day.

You may like Rock, RnB, Hip-Hop,Pop,Jazz,Karaoke… but at the end of the day you relax yourself and mind by listening to that tune, you relate yourself with that track, that is an amazing feeling . Having a track which relates to every emotion or a special event in your life , can mean something!

I know a friend who was going to commit suicide but a song by Good Charlotte “Hold On” made him rethink. The link to see the video is below. It is a great song and can mean a lot to someone who is going through a lot of pain in their lives.

There is so much to music that one just can’t stop writing about it, nor can I but all I can say is that I am grateful that music exists in this world and there are so many kinds of beautiful Genres of music which makes it so unique. People express all kinds of feelings while they sing , some artists although not so famous have beautiful lyrics which makes them unique , while a few who have just talk , have a huge fan base. There is nothing wrong in having any kind of lyrics, it is music afterall and people have different level of perception about their taste of music , so its alright!

Well that’s it. I will keep posting about music often as I always do 🙂

Just Can’t Live without it!


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