The Best Night I ever Had After Exams

Last Night (06/05/2010) , I was out with three of my classmates , Adil , Ali And Wasim.  We left after the exam for Internet marketing Was over and drove for lunch.


Had lunch at Nando’s , along with a deep conversation about controversies , supernatural beliefs and conspiracy theories , making the lunch interesting.

Followed  after our lunch was Ironman 2 . I was excited to see the action , we bought the tickets through the automated system , (I do not understand why don’t people use that machine instead of queuing up for so long). Well the tickets were bought and we entered the cinema. The screen was relatively small so was the theater size.

The Movie was great [ I shall post a critical review about the movie in my next post]

After the movie was over I felt like Iron Man too.. haha I feel that after every superhero movie for 15 minutes. We sat in Wasim’s car and then as soon as he was about to drive I asked everyone for a ten-pin bowling game. Everyone was on it and we played the match , in which I won {Sorry Guys 😦 } ! 😀 , they even challenged me towards the end to take a strike with my eyes closed , which I would like to share with you , its posted on youtube. Check the video of my Strike Below!

After the Bowling match we played snooker, then Delta Force Shooting, Mario Kart Racing,Moto GP race, Air Hockey , and then Finally we left for having a light snack and milk shake at Tinsel Town, London.

It was an amazing Evening. I thank all my friends (Wasim , Adil and Ali ) to make the night so special .

Its them below

From Left - Ali ,Wasim & Adil

It will be a night to remember ! 😀


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