Unchallenged Challenges

Often we come face to face with such challenges in our life, which we would have never Imagined in our wildest dreams to be true & would take place in our lives , but Life is an endless journey with routes changing at every new turn and I have come across various new astonishing turns in my life, which have been an eye opener to me rather than a depressing setback.

Since Past three months I have been fighting few problems in my life, specially in academics. Well when the problems came at first, I was assuming I would loose everything, but I didn’t.

Pain just made me more stronger. I do not feel the pain anymore, but I await to be free, mentally. One goes crazy , if that splinter of a dispute or issue keeps running through your veins and through your brain, making you realise you are responsible for something.

Every Cloud has a silver lining, and every thing in this world happens for a reason, and it is for the best. I assume it is for the best this time as well.

It is really easy to give up and say NO, very easy to say enough and I do not want to do anything anymore and just runaway to a normal life with family , but I do not want to retreat from the battle field, It would be an act of being a coward. I rather die on the field , than running away.

People have various perceptions and opinions about my state right now and I completely disagree with most of them, all I want to do is listen to my heart and carry on. The future holds a lot for you than what you expect, and it always leaves you gasping out in thin air in a state of awe.

I am not tired, nor afraid, I just wait here looking for the sun shine to hit me soon. I know that things will be good very soon.

Life is Beautiful.!


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