Is Good always good and bad always bad?

How does one classify good, or bad ? can a Good be Bad ? Or a Bad be Good ?

It is how we are moulded by our social congnitive thought process to decide weather it is good or bad. here I will give a few examples which are good & socially acceptable in some places while not acceptable all over the world.

1) Honking is considered bad in many developed countries, but in my country if one does not Honk, he is considered stupid, because the roads too are filled with people so you dont want to run you car over someone do you ?

2) Eating Chewing-gum is considered to increase littering in many places including singapore but is alright in other nations worldwide.

3) War is a solution to some, while not to others.

4) Vegetarians think Non_vegetarians are wrong , vice-versa…

Well, it depends on the way you percieve a certain thought, Good can certainly be bad and bad can certainly be Good at times..

—- Just a Thought Shared !


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