Being original

Being original isn’t about creating something unique. It’s not about saying or doing or thinking something that nobody else has said, done, or thought of doing.

Creating from a place of originality means creating from a place where all thoughts, ideas, and dreams originate. It’s a realm we all share, a realm where exclusivity and favoritism do not exist, where you and me can be original while doing, thinking, and saying the exact same thing.

All great leaders, thinkers, and writers who have shaped history; all great philosophers, inventors, and revolutionaries who have faced the impossible and changed reality, all of them learned how to strip away everything and tap into this source of unlimited potential.

There is no competition. There is no you verses them. When you create from a place of pure love and creativity, a place without fear or competition, without self-doubt or limitation, a place void of ego and selfishness, then you will create work that is original.

— Just a thought Shared —


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