Never Abandon Yourself To Please Another

It’s so easy to get pulled in many directions throughout your life. Living at the whim of other people’s opinions and trying to please them all is the surest way to fail.

It’s so easy to be swayed by other people, especially people we love and respect. Whether it’s family, friends, a lover, business partners, mentors or our idols, we can lose our balance by trying to please too many masters.

The answer to this quandary is simple, but not easy.

First and foremost it is vital to please yourself, but not in some selfish, narcissistic way, no. Rather, it’s important to be able to check with yourself and make sure your mind, body and spirit are aligned. If we become too focused outwardly, which is VERY easy to do, we start going down the path of losing ourselves in others.

This isn’t to say that it’s not important to love others, to listen to them and learn from them. But the core message I want us all to integrate is that we should never abandon ourselves to please another. This is the worst kind of abandonment. Other people may “abandon” us or not approve – this is okay and we can still keep going. But when we abandon and disapprove of ourselves, we start down a dark path. We must be our own best friend and learn to trust ourselves as a starting point towards being fulfilled.

Without these core set points, it is almost impossible to manifest anything else. When your cup is full you have more to give away. Finding balance within is a life long journey that we can never truly master because we are always learning, growing and changing. The key is to seek progress and not perfection, because perfection is ultimately unknowable and unachievable.

So today, let’s not worry about the opinion of others. Let’s not abandon ourselves to please other people. Let’s not give our power away because we feel we need the approval of other people. No, today – let’s stay in integrity and practice saying “yes” to ourselves and “no” to the world if need be. And let’s not feel bad about it. Let’s own saying “no” to the world and “yes” to ourselves.

Let’s celebrate filling ourselves so that we may be of even greater service to the world.


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