Race Against Time to the Airport

I had to post this blog since a very long time but had been forgetting about it since  I just wrote a line a year back, but now I finally blog it !

It was the 10th of March , 08:00 am and I was waiting for Wasim to be there to pick me up for the Airport from my Halls at University, he had promised to be at Fleming Hall at 07:00 am but was late , soon he arrived at 08:05 am. I was panicking, and was loosing control, had called him up on his phone around 50 times.

Well as soon as he came in , we dumped in my bags and drove as fast as we could to the airport, Wasim was driving like a Formula 1 Race car driver, I for once thought I might loose my flight to India but he made me reach just on time.

I ran in with my luggage and was the last person to check in, the lady at the check-in counter laughed and said that  I should relax as I am not that late.

I got my boarding pass finally and my luggage was checked in, Wasim came in running after he had parked his car and asked “what happened saaley?” I just had my boarding pass to show and he was relieved.

I said goodbye to both adil and wasim and promised them that I will be back soon !


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