It is a beginning of a new year ; the year 2012 , where according to the Mayan Long Calendar the world will end . 2012 phenomenon comprises a range of eschatological beliefs according to which cataclysmic or transformative events will occur on December 21, 2012.

2011 was a beautiful journey, filled with various experiences , life transforming & mind evolving events ; it was the year where I was learning work and getting used to the working lifestyle , and by the end of 2011 I got completely involved in my work which became a passion.

Every year comes by and leaves , just like how each day begins and ends.

Today two days of the new year have already passed and are over.

Seconds, minutes , hours , days , years pass by , time never stops, a human heart-beat stops beating once it reaches a certain point ; but  time moves on , it waits for nobody.

One thing I want to work on , in this new year is  “Time -Management” , & this is my biggest new year resolution.

We usually blame that we do not have time and cannot get out and take a jog or go to the gym . This is because we are LAZY , not because we do not have time, and I agree that I do get lazy . Nobody is to be blamed for this but me , it is because I wasn’t particular enough in managing my time whereby missing on my work-out schedule.

To be really honest , living in such a fast paced life where one is working long hours at his work place and then driving a long distance back home , and then expecting to go for an exercise, is like asking an elephant to learn ballet .

It is not Impossible, it Isn’t , but it is just very difficult , I know a lot of my friends who are very religious about their health and make it a point to attend the gym or go for an exercise right after work , but even though I get inspired by looking at them, I yet find it hard to attend the gym.

What I am trying to say here is that , we all make promises , and resolutions for the New Year , and they are not wrong, but we as Humans are not capable of keeping up-to our promises , because we just can’t. It is not , that the human race is a liar breed, but in a world where everything is moving so fast , one often forgets , gets lazy & tired. Its a natural phenomenon .

Very few of us keep up-to our resolutions and keep the promises which we make to ourselves, I do make promises to myself and I often do keep them , but this year I need to make sure I stay a bit more fit & manage my time more effectively and efficiently.

I do not have long promises to make & fake resolutions to write, I just want to rectify my mistake of not managing time well which will soon help me in staying a bit more healthy in the future 🙂

I hope this New Year brings more happiness and positivity to all ….

God Bless !

– Mustafah Mun


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