Wanna Wings to Fly

I Don’t Know why , Just cant find out why

All i wanna know why I cant fly


Fly away in the mountains, soar into the clouds;

Meet those angels and ask them my doubts


All those things seem so tiny

From up above it feels so God-ly


Greatness is not what I wanna achieve;

Freedom is what they think it is ;but its an illusion and I cant percieve


Petty Matters which are often exaggerated

From up in the sky it feels so segregated


People fighting about their whereabouts 

Religions crying slogans about ” No Doubts”


When there comes a time between a mother and a child;

No God can save when she gets wild


World feels like ice falling into pieces;

It feels like life is just a track filled with races


I ain’t no poet , no preacher nor a preist ;

All i seek is eternal retreat


I just wanna look up in the sky

And ask Him for wings to Fly


To fly high; high in the sky

Where I can ask Angels the reason Why !!!





– Mustafah Mun


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