Life has been like a road, some roads are big, and some are small. Some are straight and some are topsy turvey. As roads would have it, there are crossroads in life as well. The most confusing, baffling, difficult whatever you call it, is the crossroad in life.

When we face a crossroad, the mind comes to a standstill as to which road to take? Which road is going to take us where! There are few roads, which will lead you to happiness, fame, glory, and fortune, but on the other hand there are few which would take you towards sadness, failure, defeat, disappointments.

We have to decide which road we would take with completely no clue where we going to land at the end! No assurances No guarantees! Since life offers us no guarantees and assurances, it’s better to take that risk and make that decisions because unless we don’t decide, and go that way we will never know whether the decision was right or wrong.

Instead of standing on the crossroad better to move forward. It’s not always that the road, which we think is right for us, is going to give us happiness, there are certainly going to be heartbreaks. You might not achieve what you had thought, but at least you tried. We really do not have power on the outcome but we definitely have the power of our decisions. Taking risks, does not mean to decide in the spur of a moment! Think and then move forward.

If we had known that the road we are choosing is a wrong one and it can make us lost, or the outcome is going to be bad, we would have never decided to go that way. We will only know about the outcome once we walk that road, whether the decision was correct or worthless.

When we have to choose, we need to analyze the options we have, sometimes the options are many, sometimes very few and sometimes none at all. We need to weigh the pros and cons, make option of our own if we don’t have any! But at no point take decision haphazardly.

We cannot find that confidence to decide at times, especially when we have no idea what the consequences are going to be. Trust yourself and think that it’s the best decision at that point of time. Do not regret it whatever the outcome, learn from it and make better decisions in future. Always remember life will give us more chances to make right decisions.

And after all, I believe it’s all the matter of perspective, as to what you want to be a lost traveller or accidental tourist, because you never know which road opens which new horizon!


I am a daughter, sister, wife and a mother, now settled in Muscat with my loving husband and a adorable 6 year old son.. Family is undisputed most important thing to me. I treasure the time spent with my family Apart, from that I love doing yoga and thoroughly enjoy sipping green tea. Reading and writing have been my hobby since childhood and I pursue it now in my free time. I believe that living is taking a journey, and life is a eternal quest about knowing oneself. That’s exactly what I am doing challenging myself and rediscovering my hidden talents. http://reflectionandperception.blogspot.com/


Swiss Trip 2012 : Random Photography

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Tell Me Something Good

Many people that work at the hospital know me by the phrase/question: “Tell me something good!” Of course there are many things in this world that are bad; HOWEVER, there are also many, many things in this world that are good.

It took me years before I realized this valuable life’s lesson, but I finally learned it! Therefore, I “spread” this message around work at the Harris Healthcare System, mainly at Ben Taub General Hospital on the trauma floor, to patients, families and staff.

On one occasion I called a discharged patient, Barbara, whom I had worked with over a lengthy hospitalization. Every time I would enter her room, I would ask her to “tellme something good!” At first, she did not have any answers because she felt that “nothing was good.” However, eventually she started thinking deeply and realized, “Sure, I have many problems, but I also have many positive things. At least I am able to say I woke up.”

She became positive and started smiling more and more, as she progressed daily. Eventually, she was discharged from the hospital. After a week, I called her to see how she was doing. Barbara answered the phone and I said, “Hi, this is Mike Segal.” I waited for her to respond . . . and waited . . . and waited some more. I heard nothing but breathing on the other end of the phone. I broke the silence by repeating, “This is Mike Segal” and added “from Ben Taub Hospital.” I was sure she now would realize who I was; however, again “nothing” but silence on the other end of the phone receiver. Quickly I said, “Tell me somethinggood!”

I could “feel” Barbara’s smile as she screamed, “MIKE!” She started yelling out questions and said she was doing very well. Now, it was my turn to smile!

I never know what to expect when I ask that question. One day I walked into a room and saw a patient in his hospital bed with his wife close by in a chair. “Hi, it’s Mike. Hello John . . . Hello Sara. John, tell me something good.”

I had been working with his wife, mainly in the waiting room, so I had not had much interaction with John, especially since he had been in the ICU, heavily sedated. However, now it was my time to ask my question, “Tell mesomething good.”

John calmly answered, “Peanut Butter.”

I started laughing and said, “Yes . . . Peanut Butter is good, but tell me something good ABOUT YOU!”

“I am looking forward to eating a Peanut Butter sandwich.”

I continued to laugh as I thought, “At least he is not thinking negatively!”

Yet another patient, Mary, had been in the hospital for many weeks. She was beginning to get somewhat depressed, thinking on more than one occasion “that she would never be discharged from the hospital.” I tried to encourage her, having her focus on what was positive in her life: family, friends, improving . . . I told her about one of my favorite books (out of print), which was a collection of positive short stories called, “Focus On The Bagel, Not On The Hole.” I explained that, “Sure, there are many bad things in life; however, there are so many great things: Like the bagel!” I always tried to encourage her to “FOCUS ON THE BAGEL!”

One Monday when I walked into Mary’s room, I saw her smiling from ear to ear. I quickly asked, “Mary, tell mesomething good.” She hurriedly replied, “Mike, the doctor said maybe I could go home at the end of the week!”

I jumped back in, asking, “So what’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get home?”

Mary calmly smiled and said, “I’m going to eat a bagel . . . with Philadelphia cream cheese spread over and blocking the hole!”

I laughed, but realized how far she had come – both physically and emotionally. Sure, life can hurt, but Mary taught me that with a positive attitude, plus the Philadelphia cream cheese, most things are possible!

Michael Jordan Segal ©2012

Michael Jordan Segal, who defied all odds after being shot in the head and then returning to college, is a husband, father and social worker. He works at a level one trauma center (giving emotional support and hope to patients and families), freelance author (including a CD/Download of 12 stories, read with light background music, entitledPOSSIBLE, as well as working on his autobiography, which will be entitled A SHOT OF INSPIRATION), and inspirational speaker, sharing his recipe for happiness, recovery and success before conferences and businesses. To contact Mike or to order his CD, please visitwww.InspirationByMike.com   as well as checking out his youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZLkyz4KG7A.

Risk Being You

If you could erase everything you know about yourself, who would you become?

Imagine for a moment that you could let go of everything that makes up your identity: all your fears and self-doubts, all your past mistakes and experiences, all your family and friends, even the shape of your body and face, and all those weird things youdon’t like about your name.

Forget about what you look like. Forget about how you normally interact with people. Forget about how people usually respond to you and how you respond and act around other people. Forget what you think. Forget what you feel. Forget all of it.

Now imagine for a moment that you can start from scratch. You can recreate yourself to become anyone you like, a person with whatever personality and whatever traitsyou desire. 

If you’ve always wanted to be comfortable around other people, pretend for a moment that you suddenly gain the ability to be extremely relaxed and easygoing. Your confidence goes through the roof and you have no fear of judgement. You make friends easily and you have fun talking to strangers. When someone smiles and says hello, you not only smile and say hello back but you go out of your way to initiate a conversation because you’re excited and intrigued about where it may lead and that alone feels worth more than being afraid.

If you’ve always wished you worried less and spent more time enjoying life and the company of those present, that you enjoyed doing things not because the timing was right but because they felt like the right thing to do, then pretend for a moment thatyou can suddenly embrace the joy of this moment with no doubt or hesitation, no questioning or analyzing, no reservation or delay.

If you’ve always wanted to speak your mind and be yourself no matter what others may think, pretend for a moment that in any given situation you will always say what’s on your mind. You willingly open doors and you leave room for others to judge youbecause you’re so confident in your own skin that it just doesn’t matter. You’d rather let others know you for you — no matter what they may think — rather than let them judge you for who you’re not.

If you’ve always wished that you didn’t play it safe all the time, then pretend for a moment that in this newly created life all the characters and props that come with it will be wiped away soon and everything will start anew; it doesn’t matter how risky the choice, how crazy the idea, or how absurd the potential outcome: they’re all worth a shot because this is your only opportunity anyway.

Now recognize that none of this needs to be pretend.

You can start from scratch. Others who know something about you may hold onto what they know and believe, but you can let it all go.

Initiating conversations and talking to people always leads to more interesting and fun experiences.

Enjoying the company of those present and living day-to-day with a focus on what makes you happy and what opportunities lie ahead is always safer than doubting, over-analyzing, and waiting for the right moment.

Speaking your mind, leaving room for others to judge you, and not fearing the outcome of being yourself is always better than pretending to be someone you’re not.

Taking chances on the things that feel right, exploring opportunities that could lead somewhere new, and believing in ideas that speak to you, is always worth any perceived risk; everything you know will turn to dust soon anyway.

Be the person you know you’re supposed to be and stop pretending there are justifiable reasons to do otherwise. There is nothing worth avoiding who you are because who you are is worth more than anything you could risk.

Thoughts to Contemplate

From my mind to yours, here are a few thoughts to contemplate.

When you have no words, say nothing.


There’s a reason humanity needs to reach for the stars: if we don’t, we’ll eventually stop reaching up at all.


Unused freedom isn’t freedom; it’s dormant potential. Activate your potential by being proactive with your freedom.


Whatever you feel is holding you back, it’s not holding you back as much as you are.


Motivation isn’t, unless you do something with it.


The whole world is your oyster, so don’t just play in the corner.


Life’s too short to get caught in a loop, so do what makes you happy. If you don’t know what makes you happy then take risks; you have nothing to lose.


There are a lot of people in the world, but only a tiny fraction of those have ever touched your life. Notice them.


Pretending everything is okay when it’s really not is always more painful in the end.


We’re all seeking something, but what we’re seeking isn’t nearly as important as how we seek it.

Impossible is Nothing – Sachin Tendulkar

It was way back , around in 2005 when i first saw this poster and it just gave me a boost what i required to perform better, much better in life !


impossible is nothing


Sometimes , anything can become a source of  inspiration !