After the Rape…

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After the horrific sexual assault on a 23-year-old medical student in a moving bus in Delhi, the nation has said, enough. India’s Daughter has died, but her cry for justice will not. Join NDTV to take the fight for a change forward.

The government has promised better security for women and wants your suggestions as it frames new laws.Dr Prannoy Roy has signed the petition and listed his suggestions.


Fact A: The biggest deterrent against crime is not just the severity of punishment but  the probability of getting caught. Therefore, it is crucial to take steps which increase the chances of the culprits being nabbed.

Fact B: India has amongst lowest probabilities of getting caught. For two reasons:

  1. India has one police person for every 1,000 people. Other countries have three police persons per 1,000.
  2. India’s police force (unlike its army) is among the poorest-equipped in the world – with the lowest levels of technology (the lathi or baton and obsolete police rifles are just two examples).

Fact C: If anyone is actually caught in India,  the rate of conviction is negligible.  A recent report said that of nearly 600 rape cases reported in Delhi this last year, there was just one conviction.

  1. A difficult aspect of sexual harassment on the streets and rape is collecting evidence. Other countries have begun to solve this by using new video technologies.

Suggestions by Dr Prannoy Roy

Fundamentally raise the level of deterrent by ensuring a higher probability of getting caught by increasing the size and quality of the police force in three phases :  immediate, medium-term and long-term.


  1. Allocate funds immediately to set up a special police force for crimes against women.
  2. The government must commit to this and announce it immediately.
  3. Ensure this special force is trained and has sophisticated weapons and technology to gather evidence.
  4. If some states object to this measure on the grounds that law and order and the police are a state subject, the Centre should implement this solution in every Union Territory and in states where it is in power. For other states, the government should allow state governments to decide whether to introduce this, but if they are willing, the Centre must provide the funds for a special police force that is trained and focused to handle crimes against women.

Medium Term:

Allocate $5 billion (or whatever is deemed necessary) earmarked specifically to:

  1. Increasing the size of the police force in India from one per 1,000 to three per 1,000.*
  2. Ensuring the police force is better-trained and has sophisticated weapons and technology that gathers evidence.*
    (*Note in areas that are state subjects, the Centre must be prepared to leave the decision to the states but be ready to transfer earmarked funds to states)
  3. Learn from other countries: the West is now covering almost every square inch of public space with CCTV cameras. This is a huge deterrent as it raises the probability of getting caught and being convicted.
    India too should move towards covering all its public spaces with CCTV. This is a highly technical area and should be treated as a special project like the UID and must be designed, installed and operated by our software giants – Infosys, Wipro and TCS, working collectively. We have better know-how in this field than anywhere else in the world – we must use it.
    (*Note: “Saturation CCTV” is not just a deterrent against teasing/harassing women, molestation of women and rape; it is also a huge deterrent for terrorists and most other types of crimes. Some people may object to this being an “invasion of privacy”. But what greater invasion of privacy can there be than molestation and rape?. ).
  4. Set up fast-track courts for crimes against women to ensure the conviction rate is high and justice is delivered quickly.

Long Term

  1. Sensitize and educate the Indian male – in schools, in government, in the police … everywhere.



Thoughts to Contemplate in 2013

Thoughts to Contemplate

From my mind to yours, here are a few thoughts to contemplate.
I wrote all of these, but what’s really ‘original’? We’re all made from the same stardust.

Old? The dead are old. You are young! Alive! Breathing! Live not for the end but for now, for each new beginning.


We’re all riding a perpetual wave of change, sometimes surfing it successfully in between tumbling uncontrollably through the chaos of time.


You need your heart to love yourself and without that there is no you to love someone else.


Watch your thoughts. They are making you the person you are right now. What are they saying?


Why do you share what you share? What effect are each of your actions having on the world at large? What will that mean 100 years from now?


You need not give your heart away to offer it wholly, for the one who will accept it wholly will want you to keep it close.


Think smiles. Think about the last time you were so happy that you couldn’t help but smile. Do you feel that? Let it through. Smile. 🙂


I travel the world not in search of anything, but because it is my home.


You’re only afraid of what you fear.


The best way to live simply is to simply live, without expectation, without regret, with only what is here right now: you and me.


Jealousy is the expression of internal dissatisfaction and the toleration of self abuse. Jealousy indicates you don’t fully love yourself.


Every time you see a human doing work ask yourself if it’s feasible a robot could do that job. Is it moral to be wasting human potential?


My 20 years of troubleshooting experience distilled in 140 characters: Step 1: Reproduce the problem. Step 2: Repeat step 1. Step 3: Diagnose.


Within each raindrop there is an entire universe, within each moment the whole of time, and within each step all journeys you may ever take.


I wonder what would happen if everybody on the Internet agreed to meet in person to resolve all disagreements requiring more than one sentence.


Own less. Live more. Happiness is not a thing but an experience.


Love, and you’ll live a good life.


The gift of life is enough; everything else is a bonus.


To live means to exist with purpose, to act with intent and not apathy, to ride through not sitting down but standing up, to feel it and experience it and be part of it, to commit wholeheartedly to the adventure no matter where it takes you.


A New Beginning , in 2013

Everything Ends! Its all over before you know it. Everyday of our lives we make promises , we keep some and we break some, we make new year resolutions, to do some stuff, and start over a new leaf, a few can accomplish all their resolutions, because its not easy to be what you always want to be everyday, imperfection in due course takes shape and is seen as perfection.

We have to accept that we have messed with the world, with nature, with common people, finance, the system , and have polluted our lives and our minds with the filth of mistrust in the system and the excreta and stench of doubt and despair and grief , leaving us all vulnerable to every odd out there in the open.

We have lost patience , we have lost our temper, we cannot wait for anything, that’s how we are programmed now. We need quality along with speed. We all want to feel the flavour every time we roll out our tongue speaking about it.

2012 was a wonderful year for many , for the rest It must have been hard but hard times teaches one how to build up on your weakness and come out as a strong hero.

There was a whole big thing about the “Mayan Prophecy” stating that the world shall end in 2012. Well here we are past 7 days of the new year and still alive.

People come up and have always have , with new Myths, Beliefs , prophecies , religions all the time & this is the result of the Fear.

As Humans we are programmed to live in Fear all the time and to be controlled by a dominant personality to which we have to look upon.

That when shatters, we see revolts or acts of terrorism on streets.

Life should be taken by everybody as it comes, one should feel it passing through , not just live a monotonous life , day in and day out.

One should watch less television , and go out more, talk less on the telephone with the near and dear ones and speak more on the dinner table, use more of the Landline Telephone and less of Mobile Phones.

Eat More Home cooked Food and Avoid Eating Outside.

Steps like these when taken will not only help you but will also improve your lifestyle.

My New Year Resolution Like Every Year is to Be Simple, Live Simple and Enjoy a Simple Life with Minimal Expectations .

Yes Aim for great success but do not become a slave of your own system !

I hope this new year brings Joy to Everyone!


Good Luck & God Bless