A New Beginning , in 2013

Everything Ends! Its all over before you know it. Everyday of our lives we make promises , we keep some and we break some, we make new year resolutions, to do some stuff, and start over a new leaf, a few can accomplish all their resolutions, because its not easy to be what you always want to be everyday, imperfection in due course takes shape and is seen as perfection.

We have to accept that we have messed with the world, with nature, with common people, finance, the system , and have polluted our lives and our minds with the filth of mistrust in the system and the excreta and stench of doubt and despair and grief , leaving us all vulnerable to every odd out there in the open.

We have lost patience , we have lost our temper, we cannot wait for anything, that’s how we are programmed now. We need quality along with speed. We all want to feel the flavour every time we roll out our tongue speaking about it.

2012 was a wonderful year for many , for the rest It must have been hard but hard times teaches one how to build up on your weakness and come out as a strong hero.

There was a whole big thing about the “Mayan Prophecy” stating that the world shall end in 2012. Well here we are past 7 days of the new year and still alive.

People come up and have always have , with new Myths, Beliefs , prophecies , religions all the time & this is the result of the Fear.

As Humans we are programmed to live in Fear all the time and to be controlled by a dominant personality to which we have to look upon.

That when shatters, we see revolts or acts of terrorism on streets.

Life should be taken by everybody as it comes, one should feel it passing through , not just live a monotonous life , day in and day out.

One should watch less television , and go out more, talk less on the telephone with the near and dear ones and speak more on the dinner table, use more of the Landline Telephone and less of Mobile Phones.

Eat More Home cooked Food and Avoid Eating Outside.

Steps like these when taken will not only help you but will also improve your lifestyle.

My New Year Resolution Like Every Year is to Be Simple, Live Simple and Enjoy a Simple Life with Minimal Expectations .

Yes Aim for great success but do not become a slave of your own system !

I hope this new year brings Joy to Everyone!


Good Luck & God Bless



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