The Impatience of Mumbai Drivers in India

It was almost 9:00 pm and I was driving back home tonight. As always I often observe people breaking the traffic laws by running a red light. It is a very common sight in Mumbai.


At Byculla towards the j.J Flyover boys just go zoom across the bridge although it is forbidden to do so. The irony is that I see Traffic cops not wearing helmets never.


Nobody stops or gives you way in Mumbai Everybody just puts their car in budging to go first & when i give way to somebody , people actually wonder why is he not moving & then I raise my hand waving at them to go . It is a sign of courtesy which very very few Indian drivers have.


At the CST Station Signal I was first in que and behing me came a biker whirling across the traffic and my car was the only obstructing thing for him , he kept honking & kept swearing at me to move an inch ahead but the ticker on the red light was just 8 seconds to go. Can’t people wait for just 8 seconds I thought to myself ; Have they become so impatient , in the city of Mumbai that just for 8 Seconds you start swearing at someone ? While this thought ran in my head the signal turned green I moved less than an inch and the biker zoom across and went .


Cabbies, Bus Drivers , Bicycle Drivers , Autorickshaw Drivers , Motorcycles Drivers, Women Drivers & men Drivers All of them lack patience on road when it comes to driving a vehicle of any sort.


Everybody is in a rush . Nobody like to wait in this city. Everybody wants to be first in que.


When I slow down on the road and stop at a signal usually early mornings or on Sunday Evenings or afternoons. I am the only one standing there and people just do not bother to wait at the red light . Few people do wait and the obey the rules but others just go in such a hurry as if it is a crime to wait on red lights on a sunday .


Today I would be nearly dead .


At the Mantralaya Junction in Mumbai when my signal turned green out of no where there came a car from a no entry and zoomed across on the other side of the lane taking a short cut ; had i not applied my brakes on the right moment . I would have banged into that vehicle and met with a severe accident.


Even in the lane of Cooperage Football Stadium in Mumbai where I pass regularly People randomly just break the line and come in the wrong lane which is highly dangerous as when we take a left turn we just do not know when a car might just come and bash us directly from front.


Driving in Mumbai has become frustrating and a terrible experience. It is not safe at all to drive at night , people do not know the perfect road sense even after owning cars like a Mercedes Benz / Audi/BMW they yet do not know the character of a perfect driver. They just push the pedal and drive it like a toy . Thank God it is not GTA or else there would be more deaths in Mumbai City itself ; than in the actual GTA game.


We need sense. Driving sense on Road .


I believe we as citizens of Mumbai / India , owe the responsibility to drive safe & be more patient while driving.


Life is a wonderful journey why spoil it !