We are the Slaves of our Own Mistakes

Men, have lived their lives and through the generations that have come by & we have evolved not just as a human race but as a society overall .

We have slaughtered , killed and enslaved our own breed. Being the primates & at the apex of the clan we have toiled with the nature of this whole system in which we have created clusters and pieces which leaves nobody left to solve the pieces as they are now scattered and broken. Puzzles pieces once broken just can’t be mended.Imagine a Rubik’s Cube pieces scattered in unimaginably strange format can leave you puzzled for life.

Nature has taught us through time that we are the slaves of nature but now when we look at a broader perspective we learn that we are the drivers of change and it is us who have brought about changes in not just the eco system but in the humanitarian perspective too.

With Science being advanced to such an extent that work is being done at finger tips, news takes a mili second to spread from a corner of the earth to another , one can surely imagine that a race capable of a quick mental evolution has leaped bounds.

Banks, Media, Army , Government , Insurance Companies , Film Companies &; Industries have all thrived on one and only thing that is the human nature.

We think that we understand the human “nature” but we just don’t realise that we are mocking ourselves by saying that.

We cannot help but want more, & more . More of something but not less.

A Saint may want more peace, an Industrialist may want more money . The spiral goes on and on.

This all comes at a price which we have to pay as in some way or another everything either peace or disturbance caused , it always has a price attached to it as nothing in this world has ever come for free , right from the apple that Eve had which led to the turmoils in the past.

Now our brain has been computerised along with our lives, seeing blood and death has become a norm & kindness has become a surprise .

We are now approaching the brink of the system where at the very summit , we shall gasp in awe and be ashamed of our selves more than we ever were.

The Religious Institutions call this a life between heaven and hell where hell is the worst scenario that can be ever offered to a human & heaven ; paradise to be precise is a place where life is filled without woes.

Nothing is perfect not even perfection as I mentioned earlier everything comes with a cost so does perfection.

If Heaven is perfect , there is a huge cost to be paid in order to be there or in order to build it, either in this world or the other.

If there is life in a parallel universe , we cannot assume that they may look like aliens or might have an advanced technological society different from ours which is a thousand times more civilised the possibilities and chance of it lies to greater permutations and combinations which we will not be able to solve.

One has to realise that there is a deeper purpose to our existence , and it is not just to be a “good human” or a “saint” or be “pious” or not be “greedy” or “selfish” and so on and so forth.

The deeper purpose of life lies in understanding nature of each and every happenings around us and the cause that led to it &; our existence at that very spot &; the purpose of “being” at that very spot at that very moment.

People chant hymns & carry slogans of protest or love on the streets this has been an act followed since long, but what is the end result ?

Throwing away a tyrant ? Or a kingdom ? , maybe it was never a kingdom, maybe it was never just a man whom we called a dictator. It was always a mental system assigned to us for being followed &; the opposition of that thought led to the ultimate revolution in the mind that catalysed the extreme movement.

Oppression &; Being Oppressed is normal in the society which we live in and every day each human is either being oppressed or faces oppression in different formats and levels. The Question is not when will he raise his voice, the question is when he awakens , will he be sane enough to face the truth that he was living a life which was never his. The system in which reaching the summit was the ultimate goal.

My point in this whole talk is that the systems created by man for a purpose maybe good or bad was raped by the same men who created them and in the end the system overall is running itself and the people along with it which on a whole is ruining not just the society but the ecological system too ; disaster is inevitable.

Natural &; Economical Disasters have become a norm and they soon will become more normal than the blinking of your eye until there is nothing left on this planet but ash.

This is not a mythological or a scientific fact that has to be proved right or wrong or be debated upon for hours. This is  purely inevitable and the way the system is made to be designed it has to perish someday & it will, probably the designer of the system did not realise that the electric spark given by inducing life in the system would create such a massive flare leading to a chemical reaction &; overall destruction.

Philosophers have pondered over the fact weather this life is a dream which we are living and may wake up at death to reality or a dream of a higher self and we all are actors in the act of his dream.

Whatever may be the final outcome of this life / dream , we can just pray that it may be the best for the entire race.

– Mustafah Mun


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