No one’s outside validation will ever quiet that subtle voice within you. Neither will delay.

Not listening to that voice only makes it that much louder.

Today, do not delay. Take action.

Know that in the realm of your dreams you are taking a leap a faith and by definition becoming vulnerable.

It takes courage to listen to your heart and then act in the real world. It takes a lot of courage to ignore people who say it can’t be done or family telling you to “get a job” or “do things like they’ve always been done”.

But, that’s what all the Great’s have done. Their self-opinion has been greater than the opinion of their family, tribe and culture. And they have been courageous to step out into the unknown, as vulnerable as lions amongst lions, but trusting in The Uni-verse.

You will be guided towards your ultimate destination. You will be provided for.

The Uni-verse WILL support you to fulfill your destiny because It made you to do so. But dreams are not found within the borders of conformity, but in the unknown and risky fields of your life’s adventure.

You were born with a potential within you, like a seed. Plant yourself firmly in the fertile soil of your faith and then water your potential daily with action. Do it NOW – no delay.


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