Life is far too short. Don’t hold back love. Don’t hold back your dreams.

Faith in your dreams plus persistent action in their direction moves mountains, seas and even the toughest, most impossible boundaries. Give to yourself a daily encouraging nudge to press on today.

We live in a vastly huge and infinite Uni-verse where quite literally anything is possible. The “status-quo” has believed some pretty funny things during humanity’s short time on this planet.

We’ve believed that: the Earth is flat, it’s impossible to break the sound barrier (and if you do, your face will rip off), that the Earth was the center of the Uni-verse (it’s not even the center of our solar system or Galaxy), that it’s impossible for anything made out of steel to float and that smoking cigarettes was actually good for you. Not that long ago it was ILLEGAL for African Americans and women to vote in the United States!

Now, hearing all these things in today’s world should sound ridiculous, because they are truly ridiculous. Now, imagine yourself 50 years from now looking back on today. Take the point of view of 50 years from now and look back. What things did you believe simply because “the status quo” was to think that way. What things did you think might be impossible for you that you now regret not doing? What did you really WISH you had done 50 years ago that it is now impossible for you to do?

What did you KNOW in your heart was true, but were too afraid to admit and pursue? What love did you miss out on? What crazy things did you believe back then that you would NEVER believe now?

Think about this for a moment…

Now… come back to present time. It’s no longer 2061, it’s 2011. What can you change about your life today with that perspective of 50 years from now? What crazy thing do you want to start believing in and what dream, goal or aspiration do you want to pursue?

What’s really important to you now vs. 10 minutes ago before you read this blog? What would you do differently looking back on your life 50 years from now?

Also, what would you BELIEVE in? Is there something you want to create, invent or do that seems silly or strange compared to today’s standards? If so, what did the world look like 50 years from now and does that really matter anymore?

Take the bird’s eye view on life. Know that not everything we believe to be true is actually true, just like the world being flat. Leave room for miracles, for another solution and most importantly, don’t stop following your heart or pursuing your dreams. Life is far too short. Don’t hold back love. Don’t hold back your dreams.

Step into your greatness, your vision and your Highest Potential. The momentary discomfort is worth the long term reward.


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