Money is just energy in physical form.

Abundance is something that many of us do not have a proper perspective on. We are on The Path; we desire abundance, yet it eludes us.

Many of you have heard that “money is the root of all evil”.

The actual translation from the original text is, “The worship of money is the root of all evil.”

That’s a big difference.

Money is just energy in physical form. Energy is what all of creation is made of. To hate money is to hate energy and to hate energy is to hate existence.

We just need to get our priorities straight. Money is not a cause; money is an effect. The cause of money in a spiritual life is The Uni-verse.

A MAJOR shift happens when we take our eyes off of the current situation of “limited finances” and focus on the abundance of the Source. I know that in this moment that doesn’t pay your bills.

But, over time, if you keep it up, your life will change.

What I can tell you is that from the beginning of any journey ; I have placed all my problems, desires and needs at the feet of The Uni-verse and turned it all over.

It was scary as hell, but I never went without. I had to make some very gnarly sacrifices, but, I had belief and passion and most importantly – TRUST.

I believed and trusted that no problem or bill was too big for The Uni-verse. I also followed my own intuition above what ANYONE else told me. I also still hold the belief that the nature of The Uni-verse is abundance and so that is my natural birthright, I just have to allow it.

Money is not evil, but loving money more than you love The Uni-verse and yourself sets you up for an insane ride. Money comes and goes like the tide, but you will always have you and the Love of the Uni-verse.

When we take our love off of money and place it where it should be, we begin to thrive in ways we never knew possible. It may be scary at first, but over time this will and does work.

The Path is a leap of faith. We must have faith that as we are walking our Path that even our bills will be taken care of, sometimes through effort and hard work and sometimes through Grace.

Let us take our self-worth and feelings of security off of something that always changes (how much money we have at the moment in cash or in stock) and put our faith in something that never changes, the Love of the Living Uni-verse that we came from and live within.

Money is a tool. Money is energy in physical form. The highest form of energy in The Uni-verse is Love; put your faith and eyes towards that, take actions towards that, and money will follow in perfect time.

Your job is to trust and make the first move.


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