Past is just a Past

Don’t let what happened in the past prevent you from living your greatest life. Limiting beliefs about “what happened” are a huge block towards manifesting your Highest Potential – but they don’t have to be.

The only thing we truly have control over in our lives is the MEANING we give the events of our life. We have very little control over our circumstances and the events of the world.

So the question remains. Do you want to meet the world as a victim or as an empowered creator?

A victim looks at the past and all the things that were “done to them” by “outside forces” and says “why me?”

The empowered co-creator of life looks at EVERYTHING from the past as lessons and as information. The empowered person takes note of the past and uses this new information to create a better future.

Unlike a victim, the empowered co-creator doesn’t say “why me?” to the Uni-verse, they say “try me!”


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