Want to be Loved ?

We all want love, right?

We all want to ; both love , and be loved.

We all want intimacy and chemistry. You want to feel free.

I have a question for you.

Do you have the courage to let Love in?

This is not as easy as it sounds. On the surface, the answer we all want to give is: YES, OF COURSE I DO!

But let’s unpack the question and see what it takes to have this courage.

To let Love in means to be willing to lose it. To let Love in means being willing to be hurt again. To let Love in means facing the wounds and hurts from the past that will come up and having the courage to let your new awareness transform those past wounds into wisdom.

Fear and the ego are funny things. They like to keep us pining for Love when we don’t seem to have it, and then afraid when we seem to have it. It’s a zero sum game. We can’t win. We either feel empty because we don’t feel like we have Love or we feel terrified because we feel like we are at risk of losing Love.

So, what is the solution? To remember, time and time again, that other people are not the source of our Love. The Uni-verse fills us from within. We fill ourselves by loving ourselves. We fill ourselves by taking care of ourselves. We fill ourselves by choosing to surround ourselves with loving people and keeping high standards around who we give the privilege of our time to. We also fill ourselves by getting our eyes off of ourselves and being of service to others. We reach out a helping hand to those in need with no expectation of return. We fill ourselves by doing yoga, through meditation and through eating a healthy and alkaline diet.

A relationship does not guarantee happiness and being single doesn’t mean you’re miserable. To find happiness either being single or being with someone, we must remember that we are imperfect people. And anyone we choose as our partner is also imperfect. When we let go of the illusion that we need to be perfect before we are worthy of being in a relationship and also let go of the illusion that whoever we are in relationship is perfect, we take a step towards happiness.

We begin to realise that relationships with whomsoever a friend or a life partner, are opportunities for us to not only have a partner as a friend or a soulmate, but to grow Spiritually. It’s a container built for us to face our fears, to let down our guard and to realise our own imperfection, and as a result, cultivate humility. Relationships also teach us about our own self-loathing. And when we can come face to face with our self-loathing, we have the opportunity through our awareness and self-love to recognise it, learn from it and then let it go. By doing this we grow closer to Love, both self-love and Love between ourselves and our partner.

So, knowing this, do you have the courage to let Love in? , This is a question we all must seek an answer from deep within our “inner selves”

-Mustafah Mun


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