We are much stronger than our circumstances

We must remember our power. We are stronger than our circumstances. We can influence and transcend our environment.

Our natural ability to reason plus the intuition we were born with are invaluable tools that can help to bring us out of undesired circumstances.

One major issue that holds a lot of Seekers back is the belief that they are not worthy to receive something better.

Before anything of greater value can come into our lives we must begin to believe we are worthy of people, circumstances and a life that has greater value. If we are keeping ourselves stuck in an abusive or toxic relationship, what will begin to change that is our thoughts and belief that we are worthy of happiness within our relationships.

If we lack the financial abundance we desire, the belief that we are more valuable is core to changing our situation. Once we have the thoughts and beliefs of greater self-esteem, then we can begin to take action.

Action from this place may look like breaking up with a person we are in a toxic relationship with. It may look like continuing our education to learn greater skills that will set us free financially. Or it might look like simply charging more for our products or services because we have come to realize how valuable they truly are.

Action might also look like moving, either to a new part of town, the state or to a whole new city or country.

It is in our thoughts of unworthiness that we create a life that is out of harmony with what we truly desire. Slowly, day by day, as we change our thoughts from unworthiness to worthiness, from doubting our dreams and intuition to believing, we will begin to take subtle different actions. These actions will eventually add up one at a time until we don’t even recognize our life anymore.

We all want something to change in our lives. We want to grow. We want to evolve. We want love. We desire abundance.

We must begin by acknowledging our worth. We are not worthy because of a degree, an honor or a grade. We are all equally worthy to live this kind of elevated lifestyle because we are all Loved children of The Uni-verse. We must each realize that we are already worthy and then begin to take action from this place of already being worthy, while at the same time honor the worthiness of everyone else we meet.

We are powerful beings. Let us step into that power today and declare our worthiness as already existing.


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