Why Avoid Pain , when you can let it pass away…..

One of the common notion I see in a lot of people – is that generally there is some pain they are not letting themselves feel – and they try as hard as they can not to feel it.

Think about it, how much time do we spend avoiding pain? We do it through distracting ourselves with alcohol, food, sex, drugs, shopping and all kinds of other things.

We get busy working, instead of getting busy feeling. And instead of living our purpose and facing the uncertainty that comes with that, we stay in our comfort zone.

And many times, not feeling this pain, not taking risks, not living our purpose, we begin to feel anxious, we begin to feel tired, we begin to feel run down and we begin to feel bored.

It’s possible that instead of living our purpose, we’ve turned to pills to calm us down. Instead of experiencing the drama of facing the uncertainty of doing what we love, we create drama in our relationships – just to keep it interesting.

We can literally spend a whole lifetime not feeling the feelings or sadness, anger, powerlessness, etc. – that if we just faced, if we just felt – would set us free.

We haven’t learned yet that feeling our feelings – when fully expressed – leads to joy.

Time and time again, when I talk to people through the process of feeling the feelings that are terrifying to them – afterwards, they feel lighter, they feel clearer and they have a sense of peace about themselves, it does not require a power of a Priest but just a normal human connection with another human being on an emotional front.

We all have pain. And there’s no amount of chanting, yoga or green juice that can take away that pain – it must be felt. Not dwelled on for a lifetime, but felt for the appropriate amount of time. It is scary, but on the other side is bliss.

Think for a bit about What feelings are you avoiding & why?

Don’t Avoid your Pain , Just let it pass away. !


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