What story are you telling yourself that is holding you back in life?

What if the TRUTH was that you could be, do or have anything you dreamed of? But what if you also had to face your deepest fear in the process?

What if it were true that we all tell ourselves stories about what’s NOT possible in life because it seems our need for love, connection and certainty is being met by staying small?

What if were true that you could get Love not just from bonding over pain, but bonding over your success and achievement.

Most people are happy for you at first if you shine, but if you shine too brightly, they start to not like you. Not because you have done anything wrong, but because they get jealous of your success – because it is a reflection of their own inner failure.

We tend to get jealous of others when they have something we wish we did – so when WE get successful, we become a target for jealously from others.

This is normal and it’s to be expected. It’s okay for strangers to think a certain way about you, but what if the person or people you Loved most thought this way about you?

That would be a pretty darn good incentive to NOT shine, huh? What if you were stuck in a situation where your family or “tribe” didn’t want you to be too successful; what if they would shame or reject you if you stood out too much? Would you be excited and inspired to shine? Probably not.

Will Smith talks a lot about telling how far you will go in life based on the 5 people you spend the most amount of time with. He also says that you have to be crazy delusional about your success because many people in the world won’t support you and think it’s impossible.

The goal is to shine your Light loudly and proudly. It’s important to understand that people will Love you and bond over your empowerment. It just may mean you have to redefine your current relationships. It also may mean that you have to let go of some, too. Being around toxic people brings us down. Loving and being Loved brings us up.

Many times we get our thoughts and opinions about Life, not from ourselves, but from others, from advertisements or the media. So what thoughts do you have about what’s possible in your life? The thoughts and story you tell about your life WILL come true. Because when we believe something, we ACT on it and that ACTION produces a result.

If you want to live your dreams, if you want to grow and Love and experience life to the fullest, then it’s VITAL that you begin to tell a new and empowering story.

Think your own thoughts and CONSCIOUSLY surround yourself with people who support, approve of and LOVE your empowerment. And then give the same thing to the people in your Life.

We tend to bond over pain and don’t like it when other’s rise. Let’s change that.

Let’s bond over our Love; let’s celebrate each other’s successes and choose to be in partnerships and relationships that build us up instead of keeping us down.



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