Chaos is Inevitable

When you start living your life from the inside out, when you take your power back from people, places and things, when you start trusting The Uni-verse – there is one very important thing to keep in mind: chaos happens.

But here’s the thing about chaos – when you’re on The Path, what seems like chaos is many times Grace in Action.
You see, we expect this great big vast and intelligent Uni-verse to act according to human reason. But the problem with that is what we humans actually know about The Uni-verse is so limited compared to what there is to know. So, many times we see chaos when actually it is just part of a greater and wiser order that we do not understand.

Also, because we don’t know what’s going to happen next in our lives, it is Spiritually incorrect to assume the worst when you perceive chaos happening in your life. The Uni-verse speaks in chaos, change and Grace many times appears to be chaos, and right before revelation is usually some form of ego death.
What does that mean?

It means that for us to understand and come into harmony with greater Truths about ourselves and The Uni-verse, our old perceptions AND fears have to be shed (aka die) for new insight to come. Knowing this cycle can be SO helpful when you are going about the business of manifesting your dreams, creating a loving relationship or simply just signing up for the adventure that should be your life.

When you lean into your faith (both in yourself and in The Uni-verse), you invite chaos (aka a higher order of living) into your life. It is part of our calling on The Path to develop emotional fitness and proper insight to see that when things “seem” to be going “wrong” or “changing”, not to freak out and apply some doomsday meaning to these events of our lives. Instead, we step back, observe and know that in any seeming change, crisis or chaos is both potential risk AND potential opportunity.

It is those of us who have trained our mind to see and trust the bigger picture (knowing that The Uni-verse is FOR us and never against us) that benefit most from change, chaos and crisis. It is Spiritually backwards to ask for an easy life that works out perfectly AND desire faith in yourself and The Uni-verse. Faith counts the MOST when the sh*t is hitting the fan.

So today, in your life, whether it be financially, romantically, emotionally, spiritually or any aspect of your life, if there is chaos or change, just decide that The Uni-verse is working on your behalf and choose to assign a constructive and positive meaning to what’s happening in your life. Ask The Uni-verse to reveal the Grace of this moment to you. See the opportunity instead of the fear; decide that you have the power to not only make the best of this situation, but to actually make a better life for yourself BECAUSE of this situation.

For your dreams to come true it’s vital that you learn to be flexible enough to adapt to and make the best of change. In fact, don’t just make the best of change and the unexpected, get EXCITED by it!


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