Why Rape ?

It has has become a constant source of worry now-a-days ,specially in India where rape crimes are increasing day by day ,even after the massive protest and condemnation of such brutal crimes happening against women in India at Delhi and Mumbai particularly .Even though government and administration are taking steps to prevent such crimes from happening (according to governmental sources ),but it seems that those measures are having opposite affect on these criminals.

Everyday as I read newspaper I find at-least three or four rape incidents that happened in some part of the country .In recent times ,incidents like rapes have increased far more rapidly than before ,even though society is changing with the passage of time ,people are no longer as orthodox as they used to be ,except for interior areas of Indian states .

Though I know most people would suggest that women should leave such country like India where women are no more safe but I think running away from a problem is not its solution .If we would drop our courage and hope for change in this kind of situation than no place is safe for us .

What really bothers me is what makes these criminals to do such heinous crimes like rape or brutalizing a women ,why can’t they control themselves ,what actions can effectively prevent criminals from doing these crimes .

According certain sources it is believed that porn ,low moral values or psychopathic mental conditions are responsible for encouragement of such crimes .Should all rapist be considered as mentally ill people who need treatment or they be executed with death sentence .

I researched multiple views for all of you guys who know about this matter and measures ,to understand what could be done in order to prevent these crimes from happening.

I have a friend who has a degree in psychology but did not focus on rape in particular, well he highlighted me with some key points.

Regardless, what I can tell you is that anybody can rape anyone, that there is no particular “type” of person who becomes a rapist. This is probably not comforting to you, since you worry about your safety and would like to prevent these terrible things from happening.

Gang rapes are a particular kind of rape (can involve group dynamics and sort of a mob mentality) and are different from general kind of rape, one that might happen in a normal relationship between boys and girls or even married couple.

Regardless, it’s not like one day men woke up and decided to rape women in India. In other words, it’s hard to speculate about the reasons (be it psychological, sociological, or political) why suddenly there is more rape and more reporting of rape,without someone taking the time and really studying these events.

However, regardless of the cause, the best way to prevent these is somewhat similar to the best way you can prevent crime in general. Don’t go to deserted places or bad neighborhoods or out real late at night. If you have to, go with friends you can trust, tell others (parents, other grownups) where you’re going and when you’ll be back. Be aware of your environment and trust your intuition so if you see a group of guys buzzing about and being rude or whatever, don’t wait till it escalates, just leave the scene. Dress properly. If you see some violence, call the police or other people and don’t get personally involved.

So much focus can be put on gang rapes but many times people are raped by “loved ones”, by friends, lovers, and so forth, mainly because they trust them or find it hard to say no to them or feel guilty or whatever. But whatever the situation, it does not help being paranoid about it either. Sometimes some cases become publicized for whatever reason and then there is this general sense of panic.

Think of it as driving or riding a bike. You don’t want to drive/ride as if anybody around might ram their bike/car into yours any minute. That’s be scary! But at the same time you don’t want to be so distracted as to not hear a car’s horn and get run over. Be aware, but don’t be scared.

Dress codes for women won’t stop rape, having educated and respectful men with accountability will.

We need less lessons for young women and more lessons for young men. We need more rape convictions and more counseling for both victims and perpetrators.What we don’t need is more victim blaming.


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