Mumbai Burger Trail



The burger is America’s quintessential comfort food. No, we’re not talking about the fast food greasy versions, we mean serious business. And with the season for comfort food drizzling down on Mumbai, there’s no time like the present to celebrate everything meaty that comes in a bun. It might have started out as a poor man’s simple dish, but today constructing the perfect burger is an art in its own right and the chefs behind its conception are no less than masterminds. Here’s a rundown on some of the best spots for heavenly burgers from Colaba to Andheri. Allow yourself to surrender to a food coma by the end of it.


Ellipsis, Colaba
Kelvin Cheung’s menu at South Mumbai’s resident beauty – Ellipsis focusses on everything from Asian to progressive American fare. Coming from Chicago, it would have been sacrilegious if Kelvin had not included a burger on his menu. The most recent entry is his ode to the In ‘n’ Out style Burger (Rs 700). Brioche, beef patty, pickled cucumbers, tomato, onions, cheese, and the signature animal sauce – it’s a messy affair, but oh so worth the stains on your shirt. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

In n Out Burger at Ellipsis

Café Sundance, Churchgate
The brand new Sundance has little in common with the old one. The menu is entirely different and teaming with comforting burgers and hot dogs. Veggies should opt for thePortobello Mushroom Burger (Rs 425) filled with the earthiness of mushrooms. The classic tenderloin is great too, but we love the very English Fish ‘n’ Chips Burger (Rs 475)made Bengali with a dash of kasundi mustard. Feeling adventurous? Try the Sundance Sasquatch (Rs 900, but free if you can finish it by yourself) with 567 gms of tenderloin beef, bacon, egg, guacamole, cheese and other trimmings.

Cafe Sundance Fish n Chip Burger

Café Zoe, Lower Parel
This spot is the happy place for many people we know… the kind of place you go to when you want free sunshine with comfortable couches by day and want to unwind with a glass of wine by night. Known for their plethora of dishes, loyalists believe you can’t go wrong ordering anything here. We particularly love their signature made-to-perfection Zoe’s Tenderloin Cheese Burger (Rs 510). If you’re looking for a healthier option, the new addition of a Healthy Turkey Burger (Rs 550) is indulgent without the guilt.


Woodside All Day Eatery & Bar, Andheri
Compiling a burger list without mentioning Woodside would be a crime. Home to theAnnual Beer & Burger Festival that starts today, Woodside Inn’s Andheri outpost –Woodside All Day Eatery & Bar has the same menu. The festival is one of the most awaited food events as each burger is paired with beer and served at bun-licious prices. This year, the one burger you should look out for is the Japanese Ramen Burger along with the inclusion of local beer makers, Gateway Brewing Co. If you can look past the slow service, you’ll be satisfied with their heart-warming Sliced Roast Pork Burger (Rs 445) with homemade bacon jam. Same goes for their Barbecue Chicken Burger (Rs 425)that tastes exceptional with an extra topping of scamorza for Rs 145.


Roller Buns Café, Lower Parel
We had discovered this little gem tucked inside Todi Mills a few weeks ago and have been there innumerable times for lunch ever since. A simple place with just two tables, Roller Buns serves a delicious Chicken Burger (Rs 90) with caramelised onions. A humble burger that’s juicy and flavourful – what more does one need at that price?

Café Free India, Lower Parel
This place can be missed easily, but it cannot be skipped from the list of good burgers in town as it deserves a mention for being the kind of place that believes in serving tasty food instead of shouting about it. Located bang opposite Deepak Cinema, close to a lot of offices that leads to a steady stream of customers – their burger menu is quite impressive giving the location and size of the place. Among the chicken and lamb burgers, you’ll find the tender Louisiana Crab Burger (Rs 310) and Southern Fried Cottage Cheeseburger (Rs 195).

Imbiss, Bandra
When Imbiss came into the market as a “meat-ing” joint, we rejoiced and tried almost everything on their menu. One of the most outstanding things on their meaty menu is theirHamburger with extra cheese (Rs 120) cooked to your liking and served with fries. What’s so great about it? The burgers are always cooked perfectly with unparalleled juiciness and low prices.

Eddie’s Bistro, Bandra
One of the newer restaurants in Bandra, Eddie’s is a cheerful place with beautiful decor and delicious food. Among their list of appetisers is a Miniature Lamb Burger (Rs 280)that is basically a shareable platter of their lamb burger. The lamb is moist with tonnes of flavour coming from harissa mayo and some cheddar. Get a few rounds of drinks and pick up these bite size burgers while you’re at it.

Miniature Lamb Burgers at Eddies


The blueFROG, Lower Parel
Yes, it’s a great venue for live music performances, but let’s not forget their food. With a wide selection of beers that go fantastically well with the heart-stopping Legendary blueFROG Burger (Rs 650) – this one serves up food with a side of entertainment. What’s great about their burger is the way the patty is cooked on the grill and the fact that you get to choose what you want on the burger. We suggest you just be greedy like us and call for everything aka bacon, egg, mushrooms, onions and the works

Hard Rock Café, Lower Parel
It’s no surprise that this fancy American staple made its way to our list. HRC’s Legendary 10 oz. Burger (Rs 450) is famous the world over. However, leaving the obvious aside, we are equally in love with their Hickory BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger (Rs 450). The smoky flavours of its sauce and oodles of bacon and cheese make us come back for more. Don’t forget to call for a shake to dip those fries in – just the way the Americans do. Currently, they also have a heart-attack inducing Burger Festival going on.

Between Breads, Bandra
Probably one of the only places to focus only on meaty sandwiches, Between Breads is as close as you can get to a stop-and-eat diner with American style sandwiches, dogs, and burgers. Go past their splendid sandwich menu and hit upon the burgers directly because their Mushroom Cheeseburger (Rs 219) is fantastic for vegetarians. The Pork Cheese Burger (Rs 279) with loads of BBQ sauce and Breakfast Burger (Rs 269) with breakfast elements such as bacon and eggs make it super delicious and hearty. Let’s not forget the10 oz. Bacon Cheeseburger (Rs 339) for hearty eaters.

Chicken Burger at Gostana

Gostana, Bandra
This burger and salad café was started with the intention of turning greasy fast food into something healthy. The patties are steamed and served in whole wheat buns with a low fat dressing. Most people like it only for the health factor and go back for the homely environment, but we also love that it’s a pet friendly place with the owner’s dog roaming around accepting belly rubs from customers. Burger to try out – Chicken Burger (Rs 200).


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